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05 Apr 2017 description
MONUSCO is alarmed by reports of serious human rights violations, including a growing number of civilian casualties and the discovery of mass graves, as well as recruitment by the militias, especially of children.
20 Dec 2016 description
Since 16 December, the UN has documented 113 arrests, including opposition leaders and sympathizers, civil society activists and human rights defenders, media professionals and others.
21 Oct 2016 description
Excessive, including lethal force was used during demonstrations in Kinshasa last month, when at least 53 were killed over two days, 143 injured and more than 299 unlawfully arrested, a preliminary investigation shows.
08 Dec 2015 description
“This trend of restricting freedom of expression...indicates a shrinking of the democratic space likely to compromise the credibility of the electoral process,” the report warns.
13 May 2015 description
Between October and December 2014, at least 237 civilians were killed, including 65 women and 35 children, by Allied Democratic Forces combatants in Beni territory.
02 Jan 2015 description
The Envoys stress that instead of surrendering and demobilizing, the FDLR used a six-month grace period to continue to commit human rights abuses in Eastern DR Congo.
15 Oct 2014 description
A new report details serious violations of human rights committed against civilians by Congolese security forces in the context of Operation “Likofi" between November 2013 and February 2014.
09 Apr 2014 description
The report illustrates the systematic nature of some incidents of sexual violence in DR Congo, particularly in the east, with a large number of cases committed in homes or when women are working in fields, going to the market or fetching water.
25 Sep 2013 description
Following a joint investigation by MONUSCO and local authorities to Kamango area, Beni territory, it was revealed that ADF elements ransacked 11 primary schools and five health centres in July 2013.
28 Jul 2013 description
Since new hostilities broke out with the FARDC, the M23 has been preventing humanitarian access to some towns and areas devastated by the fighting.
08 May 2013 description
Serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law were committed in November 2012 during fighting between government forces and M23 rebels over the town of Goma.
14 Mar 2013 description
Between January 2010 and December 2012, a total of at least 211 civilians died in Congolese detention centers.
14 Nov 2012 description
At least 264 civilians, including 83 children, were arbitrarily executed by armed groups in more than 75 attacks on villages in Eastern DR Congo between April and September this year.
29 Aug 2012 description
KINSHASA/GENEVA (28 August 2012) – The UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the DRC, Roger Meece, expressed deep concern today over reports of further massacres of civilians in Masisi territory, North Kivu at the beginning of August - the latest in a series of violent attacks by...
20 Mar 2012 description
GENEVA/KINSHASA (20 March 2012) – A UN report released Tuesday details serious human rights violations, including killings, disappearances and arbitrary detention, committed in Kinshasa by Congolese security forces in the context of the 2011 presidential and legislative elections in the Democratic...
22 Jul 2011 description
GENEVA/KINSHASA (22 July 2011) – A UN report released today into mass rapes and other human rights violations committed in North Kivu has brought into stark focus the need to reinforce the justice system and accountability mechanisms in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The report, based on...