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06 Mar 2017 description
Concern Worldwide, Oxfam, Save the Children and CARE, supporting the Government of Mozambique, appeal for $10.2 million to support 150,000 people with lifesaving assistance.
01 Aug 2016 description
Mozambique is experiencing its worst drought in 35 years as a result of the El Niño weather phenomenon. Nearly two million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.
29 Jan 2016 description
report Concern Worldwide
The average Syrian life expectancy has fallen by 20 years since the crisis began, yet the funding still does not match the scale and complexity of the crisis.
21 Jan 2016 description
More than 120 humanitarian organizations and UN agencies urge the world to raise their voices and call for an end to the Syria crisis and to the suffering endured by millions of civilians.
12 Oct 2015 description
Does armed conflict lead to hunger? Does hunger lead to armed conflict? The latest Global Hunger Index examines these questions, showing the development of the hunger situation at a global, regional and national level.
13 Oct 2014 description
Quality is as important as quantity, says report - hidden hunger weakens the immune system, stunts physical and intellectual growth, and can lead to death.
15 May 2014 description
The free online course offers participants a certificate from the Humanitarian Academy at Harvard, where the platform was developed after close coordination with more than 400 national and international NGO staff and industry experts.
14 Oct 2013 description
The report identifies hunger levels and hot spots across 120 countries and calls for approaches that reflect an increased ability of vulnerable people to resist, absorb, and transform in response to shocks.
11 Oct 2012 description
The 2012 GHI report focuses particularly on the issue of how to ensure sustainable food security under conditions of water, land, and energy stress. Demographic changes, rising incomes and associated consumption patterns, and climate change, alongside persistent poverty and inadequate policies and...
17 May 2012 description
report Concern Worldwide
Evidence shows that almost one billion people globally suffer from food insecurity, and that around 171 million children under five years old suffer from stunted growth due to undernutrition. As the G8’s previous commitment to food security and nutrition expires this year, Concern Worldwide...
11 Oct 2011 description
Washington, D.C.—Growing demand for biofuels, extreme weather and climate change, and increased financial activity through commodity futures markets are the main causes of high and volatile food prices, according to the 2011 Global Hunger Index report, The Challenge of Hunger: Taming Price Spikes...