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01 Nov 2016 description
Only 51% of the amount requested has been pledged, raising questions about how to implement an approach to peacebuilding that emphasizes conflict prevention, mediation, management, resolution, and long-term resilience.
29 Aug 2016 description
The renewed conflict calls for a serious rethinking of the mechanisms needed to ensure local justice, accountability for crimes committed, and an inclusive and legitimate peace process.
13 May 2016 description
Fighting broke out in the region in early April, killing well over 100 people in the space of four days and reigniting a once “frozen” conflict that has been ongoing for almost three decades.
05 May 2016 description
It is up to the governments, aid agencies and organizations that make up the system to use the World Humanitarian Summit to let go of the outdated assumptions, power dynamics, and incentives that hold it back.
14 Jul 2015 description
A new report takes stock of the strategic impact of safety and security for effective peace operations by outlining the security context into which operations are being deployed.
30 Apr 2015 description
Unarmed civilian protection is done without the use of, or reliance on, weapons, and is based on prioritizing the building of relationships over the employment of power.
04 Feb 2015 description
IPI report suggests the two institutions need to intensify efforts to streamline decision-making and expand the nascent joint framework for enhanced partnership in peace and security.
21 Nov 2014 description
The Intervention Brigade is the UN’s first overtly offensive combat force. So far, there have been few detailed examinations of the new force’s legal status and the political and practical implications it brings.
21 Apr 2014 description
Does the fundamental construct of humanitarian action need to change from providing aid to facilitating people's access to help? Three humanitarian trends head in that direction.
04 Dec 2013 description
IPI’s new Data Lab project developed a framework that aggregates a variety of sources at the subnational level and tries to predict outbreaks in violence.
16 Sep 2013 description
The report explores the war in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s and Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar in 2008, drawing a number of lessons that could be applied in contemporary crises.
28 Aug 2013 description
A new report examines the UN's efforts to train peacekeepers. Greater coordination is needed to produce common standards and ensure that those who are trained actually deploy on UN missions.
14 Aug 2013 description
A report examines the rise of nontraditional humanitarian actors and addresses the issue of engaging nonstate armed groups in conflict-related crises.
14 Aug 2013 description
If the answer is yes, then a second equally consequential question follows: What obligations do states, humanitarian agencies, and the private sector have to realize this right?
10 Apr 2013 description
Cell phones, social media, crowdsourcing, crisis mapping, blogging, and big data can help to forestall crises and to address the root causes of violence.
19 Mar 2013 description
Over the past few years the number of people displaced as a result of natural disasters has far exceeded those displaced by conflict.
28 Feb 2013 description
While the political and security crisis that erupted in Mali in 2012 seems to evolve daily, the underlying factors that threaten peace and human security in the Sahel region are not new.
16 Nov 2012 description
To deal with twenty-first century challenges and meet its broader objectives, the humanitarian system may now need to redefine the rules and theoretical foundations on which it was built
08 Nov 2012 description
by Emmanuel Letouzé , Thursday, November 08, 2012 Data from social media and Ushahidi-style crowdsourcing platforms have emerged as possible ways to leverage cellphones to prevent conflict. But in the world of Big Data, the amount of information generated from these is too small to use in advanced...
05 Nov 2012 description
Robert Muggah and Birger Heldt, rapporteurs This meeting note reflects the discussions of the Second International Expert Forum held at IPI on June 6th. The purpose of the forum was to take stock of the consequences of ongoing violent conflict and means to prevent and reduce them, including...