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19 Apr 2017 description
The Flash Appeal, budgeted at $20.1 million, is 45% funded and will be revised at end-April to cover the humanitarian needs for the next six months.
09 Mar 2017 description
Towns and cities are flooded; houses, schools, hospitals and critical infrastructure destroyed; and thousands of people displaced. Power outages are widespread in affected areas.
18 Mar 2013 description
Mobile health services are being provided in the flooded areas. So far, more than 2,500 consultations were recorded.
09 Mar 2013 description
While response is continuing, the peak of the emergency is coming to an end. Needs are relatively well covered and the early recovery phase is starting.
26 Feb 2013 description
The government has launched an appeal for international solidarity to mobilize in-country support of international organizations. At least two-thirds of rice fields are still flooded, which could cause major losses in rice crops and income and risk of food insecurity.
24 Feb 2013 description
The delivery of humanitarian aid is a challenge as most of affected areas are inaccessible, especially in the district of Morombe.
30 Jan 2013 description
So far, five people have been killed and 804 have been displaced, but no reports of significant damage have been received.
14 Feb 2012 description
I. HIGHLIGHTS/KEY PRIORITIES • Tropical cyclone Giovanna made landfall on the eastern coast of Madagascar on 14 February as a category four (4) tropical cyclone. It is expected to pass the capital Antananarivo as a category 1 tropical cyclone and exit the western coast of the country in the next...