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20 Jan 2017 description
Refugees face similar challenges across Syria’s neighbouring countries, a report by 28 NGOs has found, warning that long-term efforts are still needed by the international community and host governments.
17 May 2016 description
A HelpAge analysis of more than 16,000 proposed projects between 2010 and 2014 found that only 154 had any activity specifically targeting older people, most of which weren’t funded.
10 May 2016 description
A new HelpAge International report contributes to a growing body of evidence illustrating the failure of the humanitarian system to protect the rights of older people.
23 Nov 2015 description
Reports of escalating political instability in Burundi have prompted fears of a new exodus of refugees into neighbouring countries, which would push the current limits of the camps.
11 Mar 2015 description
Aged persons in Somalia, Central African Republic and Afghanistan face the highest risk, due in part to ongoing conflict coupled with a lack of service provision for older men and women.
07 Nov 2014 description
Many older people said that joining in HelpAge activities made them realise how they could contribute, helping them to feel part of society again. The typhoon affected 1.27 million people over the age of 60.
13 Oct 2014 description
A survey conducted for today’s International Day for Disaster Reduction demonstrates that older persons are often excluded or marginalised when disaster management plans are being drawn up at community level.
09 Apr 2014 description
More precise targeting and registration of refugees and better training of staff will ensure humanitarian assistance is accessible, appropriate and effective, says new report.
17 Feb 2014 description
Due to vulnerabilities, people with disabilities and special needs face higher protection risks. But registration and access to basic services remains limited as lack of data hampers targeting.
30 Apr 2013 description
Help Age Int'l report finds very small numbers of humanitarian projects target these groups and urges greater analysis of needs assessment data when designing aid initiatives.
26 Mar 2013 description
Many more deaths are happening because the health service has collapsed with one third of hospitals and 90 per cent of pharmaceutical factories out of action.
28 Feb 2013 description
An estimated 26 million older people are affected by natural disasters every year, but are often not mentioned in nutrition policy documents or in donor strategies for interventions and training.
15 Jan 2013 description
Limited mobility, visual and hearing impairments and chronic diseases seriously hamper older people’s access to basic services.
21 Dec 2012 description
Older people constitute a significant and growing number of those affected by humanitarian crises. About 12.5 per cent of the world’s population is aged 60 or over. The United Nations defines older people as those who are above 60 years. However, the definition should be adapted to local...