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04 Jan 2018 description
Global EWEA report highlights potential new emergencies caused by imminent disaster threats and the risk of a steep deterioration in countries in crisis or response stage of an emergency.
22 Dec 2017 description
A new report on food security highlights how an ongoing intensification of violence is opening a wide "hunger gap" between countries being affected by conflicts and those that are not.
20 Dec 2017 description
Some 18,000 households – whether displaced, returnee or host families – stand to benefit from US$10 million in Belgian government funding channeled through the WFP and FAO.
07 Dec 2017 description
Global food supplies are high due to strong cereal harvests, but localized drought, flooding and protracted conflicts have intensified and perpetuated food insecurity.
04 Dec 2017 description
According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the number of hungry people around the world rose to 815 million – the first increase after more than a decade of steady decline.
01 Dec 2017 description
WFP, FAO and IFAD announced a new alliance that will unite their efforts to support the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to eradicate hunger, malnutrition and poverty.
09 Nov 2017 description
While food commodity prices have been generally stable, the cost of importing food is set to rise in 2017 to $1.413 trillion, up 6% from 2016 and the second highest tally on record.
06 Nov 2017 description
The number of people experiencing severe food insecurity is likely to drop to 4.8 million for October to December, from six million in June. However, that number is 1.4 million more than last year.
23 Oct 2017 description
The response will combine emergency support to small holder agriculture as well as small scale livelihoods starter kits to build resilience of IDPs, returnees and host communities.
19 Oct 2017 description
FAO and Belgium join forces to preserve the livelihoods of more than 17,000 people dependent on livestock in Cameroon and Chad, in the Far North and Lake Regions respectively.
16 Oct 2017 description
As countries around the globe celebrate World Food Day, millions of Yemenis continue to hope for greater international assistance to alleviate their food insecurity and malnutrition.
11 Oct 2017 description
The security situation has recently worsened in several regions of the country bringing the total number of IDPs to nearly 600,000 and threatens humanitarian interventions.
11 Oct 2017 description
FAO y OPS advierten que el hambre aumentó en seis países y el número total de personas que sufre hambre en la región ha aumentado a 2,4 millones de personas, lo cual está revirtiendo décadas de progresos.
09 Oct 2017 description
Rural areas have vast potential for economic growth pegged to food production & related sectors. Achieving the 2030 development agenda will hinge on unlocking that potential.
03 Oct 2017 description
The target areas will consist of 21 of the most food-insecure districts, with special focus on landless farmers with no or few livestock, sharecroppers, smallholder famers and households headed by women.
28 Sep 2017 description
The situation in the country has sharply deteriorated in recent months, with the estimated number of food insecure people increasing to 8.5 million.
24 Sep 2017 description
Food insecure caseload estimated at record high 6 million. Unfavourable prospects due to widespread insecurity, large scale displacements and Fall Armyworm infestations.
21 Sep 2017 description
Un informe de la FAO indica un repunte de las cosechas en la mayoría de los países de bajos ingresos con déficit de alimentos. En el Caribe, el impacto de los huracanes mermará el rendimiento agrícola.
15 Sep 2017 description
This year’s "The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World" warns that the long-term declining trend in undernourishment seems to have come to a halt and may have even reversed.
07 Sep 2017 description
Experts in water, sanitation and hygiene, engineers, medical, logistics, nutrition, child and social protection are coordinating their efforts in light of the impact of Hurricane Irma.