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14 Dec 2017 description
report European Union
The agreement builds on EASO’s existing operational support and aims to sustain the Agency’s support for the country’s response to the pressure on its asylum and reception systems while implementing the EU Asylum Acquis.
11 May 2016 description
The construction project by the Government of Nepal, the European Union and UNICEF was initiated in nine districts to help restore education for one million children affected by the 2015 earthquakes.
14 Mar 2016 description
report European Union
The EU has suspended direct financial support to the Burundian administration, but is fully maintaining its financial support to the population and its humanitarian assistance.
30 Oct 2015 description
As the recent IPC study shows, all parties urgently need to lift obstacles that prevent access of humanitarian organisations, to avoid the looming famine in certain regions.
20 Aug 2015 description
report European Union
Syrians and Afghans accounted for a lion’s share of the record number of migrants entering the EU illegally. Most of them, fleeing instability, initially entered Greece from Turkey.
07 Jul 2015 description
report European Union
A new regional programme will focus on peace, security and regional stability; economic integration and trade; and sustainable development of natural resources and biodiversity.
07 Aug 2014 description
In Myanmar - the most at-risk country in Asia-Pacific in terms of natural hazards - medium to large-scale floods, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides or tsunamis occur every couple of years.
24 Jul 2014 description
In a country with such a high illiteracy rate as the Central African Republic, radio remains the main media. The cost and the lack of access to electricity limit the number of television viewers.
03 Mar 2014 description
The programme will help 15 Pacific countries to address three main challenges: adapting to climate change; reducing their reliance on fossil fuels; and capacity building.
04 Oct 2013 description
report European Union
The new funds will help to boost food security and improve nutrition in the lowland areas of Ethiopia, as well as strengthen animal health services and support livestock vaccination.
09 Sep 2013 description
report European Union
The EU and Somali government will co-host a conference on "A New Deal for Somalia" in Brussels on 16 September to sustain the positive momentum in the country, and pledge support for a framework to reconstruct the country.
31 May 2013 description
report European Union
The March 4 general elections were a success overall, but several lessons should be learned from the difficulties that arose during the process, concludes the EU Election Observation Mission.
19 Mar 2013 description
report European Union
The new initiative will create alternative employment opportunities to rural populations through revived rangeland-based livelihoods and "Cash for Work" activities.
01 Mar 2013 description
On the 14th anniversary of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, the EU aims to advance implementation of mine clearance and victim assistance obligations, and promote universal acceptance of the Convention
25 Mar 2012 description
Key Messages Wheat prices are high in all major markets in spite of the recent months' slight decrease. Reduced domestic wheat harvest is a cause for concern for the food security situation, expecially for the low income households in north western areas and in urban areas. Drought,...
28 Feb 2012 description
report European Union
Summary: 28 février 2012, Bruxelles - Aujourd'hui l'UE a renouvelé son soutien à la mission de consolidation de la paix en République Centrafricaine (MICOPAX) pour exercer une surveillance efficace du territoire, particulièrement dans les zones instables de Paoua, Kaga-Bandoro et...