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12 Jul 2017 description
An innovative, mobile phone-driven cash programme has helped prevent nearly 250,000 people from slipping into severe food insecurity in drought-ravaged Kenya.
28 Mar 2017 description
report Kenya Red Cross
“This finding underscores the use of climate information for early warning, early action initiatives to mitigate such disasters,” said Dr. Abbas Gullet, Secretary General, KRCS.
07 Feb 2017 description
report Kenya Red Cross
The Kenya Red Cross Society has been engaged in cash transfers, livestock destocking, food distribution, health and nutrition projects as well as water and sanitation initiatives to help those affected.
19 Jun 2015 description
A new paper summarizes how the humanitarian community in Kenya collaborated and partnered to develop an innovative coordinated needs assessment tool.
27 Mar 2014 description
report Kenya Red Cross
The project aims to contribute to improved resilience of target communities for 10,000 direct beneficiaries 1,666 house-holds and 7,000 indirect beneficiaries within the larger Masongaleni Location.
03 Sep 2013 description
Besides the impact of disasters on human life and health, livelihoods are most important, as they are what allow households to access the funds and cash flows necessary for recovery.
02 Apr 2013 description
report Kenya Red Cross
In the Western Region, immediate needs are alternative shelters, water and sanitation interventions as well as alert notices to the populations that are still at risk.
30 Jul 2012 description
report Kenya Red Cross
A Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) rapid assessment of the fierce fighting around the Ethiopian Moyale border and its environs since Thursday 26th July 2012, has revealed that the conflict has caused deaths, injuries and loss of property with reports of massive displacements of populations. This...
18 May 2012 description
report Kenya Red Cross
Kenya is experiencing a complex situation, where parts of the country, mainly in Nyanza, Rift Valley, Coast provinces and the Nairobi Metropolitan area have experienced flooding, following heavy rains that began mid April 2012 and the rains are still pounding in most of these places. Preliminary...
24 Apr 2012 description
report Kenya Red Cross
Taita Taveta: 6th April; 2012 Excessive rain in Taita Taveta County, Coast Province, caused flash floods that rendered many people homeless as their houses were submerged by water. Crops and livestock were also washed away and infrastructure such as roads bridges and schools damaged. The Kenya Red...
30 Jan 2012 description
report Kenya Red Cross
“ We want peace,” that was the message from both the Borana and Garba elders when the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) team from the Eastern Region, KRCS Moyale Branch and the Headquarters in Nairobi, led by the KRCS Secretary General, Abbas Gullet, toured the area for assessment of the impact of...