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01 Oct 2013 description
New satellite imagery of the border area between Sudan and South Sudan shows that neither government has fulfilled international obligations to demilitarize their shared border.
08 May 2013 description
Neither the joint border-verification mechanism established by both countries, nor the UN peacekeeping mission tasked with monitoring the demilitarized buffer zone has detected these violations.
31 Jan 2012 description
Satellites Capture Battle for Control of Main Refugee Route Out of Sudan Posted by Mollie Zapata on Jan 30, 2012 A battle over control of the main refugee route from the Nuba Mountains in Sudan into South Sudan raged last week, according to eyewitness reports obtained by the Enough Project....
23 Sep 2011 description
Satellites Show Sudan Armed Forces with Heavy Armor on Road to Rebel Stronghold in Blue Nile State WASHINGTON – The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has released imagery showing that the Government of Sudan appears ready to launch a massive military drive aimed at the rebel stronghold of Kurmuk...
19 Jun 2011 description
WASHINGTON – New imagery from the Satellite Sentinel Project, or SSP, confirms that the Sudan Armed Forces, or SAF, control the town of Kadugli in Sudan's tense border region of South Kordofan, and that thousands of civilians have been displaced. SSP identified at least 89 apparent military...