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12 Apr 2016 description
New research reveals the humanitarian sector's failure to adapt to a rapidly changing world and proposes three points for reform towards a more modern humanitarianism.
20 Nov 2015 description
The latest round of violence has left thousands dead and several million displaced. Civilians have been systematically targeted and their property looted and destroyed, as the government has no capacity to safeguard its people.
17 Mar 2015 description
The growth of 600-700 diaspora and local aid groups has ‘filled the gap’ left by the limited presence of struggling international aid agencies, providing both assistance and protection to Syrians.
05 Mar 2015 description
For years, British humanitarian NGOs have criticized counter-terrorism laws for undermining their aid operations, and British Muslim NGOs have argued that they have been disproportionately affected by such laws.
23 Dec 2014 description
New research shows that humanitarian assistance is reaching people in areas of Iraq controlled by militants from the group calling itself Islamic State.
30 Apr 2014 description
Fearing that their aid activities could be made to serve political and military goals – not humanitarian goals – many agencies have been cautious about embarking on civil-military coordination.
25 Apr 2014 description
A new policy brief examines why aid agencies have been hesitant or unable to properly address protection issues in Syria and, in the absence of an international response, what has emerged in its absence.
24 Apr 2014 description
Analysis of armed groups has been largely neglected in the literature on humanitarian principles and aid worker security, and agencies often lack the information they need to engage with these actors to help people affected.
28 Feb 2014 description
A new paper by the Overseas Development Institute uses three case studies - in Aceh, East Africa and Darfur - to look at the role of political analysis in climate change impacts.
03 Feb 2014 description
A new paper explores how understandings of humanitarianism and humanitarian action have evolved in East and Southeast Asia, highlighting aspects of both continuity and change.
09 Dec 2013 description
Drawn from over 80 interviews with former Al-Shabaab officials, aid workers and civilians, a new paper details difficulties faced by aid agencies attempting to operate in Al-Shabaab controlled areas in 2011.
22 Nov 2013 description
A new paper examines the contributions of regional organizations to the humanitarian response to refugee crises, conflict management and disaster risk reduction.
13 Nov 2013 description
A new study examines the concept of ‘building back better’ by looking at the response to the Indian Ocean tsunami in Aceh, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar and the earthquake in Haiti.
22 Apr 2013 description
Aid agencies need to renew their engagement with Afghan security forces as military strategies have blurred the line between combatants and civilian actors.
11 Dec 2012 description
As international troops withdraw from Afghanistan, a new report sheds light on how aid agencies engage with the Taliban to gain access to Afghans in need of assistance.
12 Oct 2012 description
Humanitarian funding should be based on needs Despite high level donor commitments to the humanitarian principles, global humanitarian funding continues to favour politically strategic countries over neglected or protracted crises. A new report by the Norwegian Refugee Council and Humanitarian...
03 Oct 2012 description
‘Building resilience’ has been invoked as a new principle by the UN, donors and NGOs as a way of preventing unacceptable human fatalities and suffering, reducing the costs of emergency responses and developing the abilities to adapt to climate change. ‘The relevance of resilience?’...
13 Aug 2012 description
This study examines the evolving meaning of the term ‘humanitarian’, from its emergence in the mid-nineteenth century through to the end of the twentieth century. As part of the Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG)’s project on the ‘Global History of Modern Humanitarian Action’, its primary...
28 Jun 2012 description
In conflicts, it is essential that humanitarian actors engage with all belligerents. Dialogue is required to facilitate access to affected populations for the provision of humanitarian assistance, as well as to promote protection. As the majority of conflicts in which humanitarian actors operate...
30 Apr 2012 description
Over the past two decades Somalia has become one of the world’s worst and most enduring humanitarian crises; it is also one of the most restrictive and insecure environments for humanitarian actors. This paper examines the challenges to humanitarian action in Somalia by considering the meaning...