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07 Sep 2017 description
Experts in water, sanitation and hygiene, engineers, medical, logistics, nutrition, child and social protection are coordinating their efforts in light of the impact of Hurricane Irma.
30 Dec 2016 description
By the end of 2016, 48 countries and territories of the Americas had reported more than half a million suspected cases of Zika, with 22 reporting some 2,500 cases of congenital syndrome associated with the virus.
03 Nov 2016 description
Of the 74 cholera and acute diarrhea treatment facilities in Haiti, 34 are fully functional, while 40 sustained various levels of damage.
21 Oct 2016 description
There is an urgent need to repair non-functional essential health facilities and satellite warehouses housing medical supplies, but actions have been delayed due to lack of funding and materials.
13 Oct 2016 description
Cholera kits have been sent out to treat vulnerable populations in parts of the island devastated by Hurricane Matthew. Many fear an epidemic because of interrupted water supply.
06 Oct 2016 description
Due to massive flooding and its impact on water and sanitation infrastructure, cholera cases are expected to surge after Hurricane Matthew and through the rainy season to the start of 2017.
27 Sep 2016 description
The elimination of this vaccine-preventable disease, which can cause pneumonia, blindness, brain swelling and even death, is the result of a commitment made more than 20 years ago.
26 Apr 2016 description
National authorities asked the international community to send trained, self-sufficient medical teams, applying international standards to provide a rapid and effective response to victims.
15 Apr 2016 description
The health body has identified and collected basic information on all investigations related to Zika. The database includes the title, authors, and a direct link to the article.
19 Mar 2015 description
On World Water Day, PAHO/WHO Deputy Director Danel said that Haiti and its partners had made meaningful progress in water and sanitation, but defeating cholera would require a significant scale-up of these efforts.
23 Jul 2014 description
Haiti is set to vaccinate 200,000 people against cholera in three high-risk departments starting in August. Although the epidemic has slowed considerably, some 6,730 cases and 51 deaths were reported since January.
20 Jun 2014 description
For the last four months Paraguay has been affected by heavy rains that caused slow-onset flooding. More than 160,000 people have been affected and many have been evacuated.
29 May 2014 description
2013 was one of the worst years for dengue in the Americas, with 2.3 million cases, including 37,705 severe cases and 1,289 deaths. By comparison, the number of cases reported regionwide in 2003 was 517,617.
22 Mar 2014 description
Although Haiti has made significant progress in slowing the spread of the disease, cholera has continued to sicken an average of 385 people per week during 2014.
31 Dec 2013 description
Re-establishing health services and emergency medical care in affected areas is a priority now. Access to potable water is also a major concern.
31 May 2013 description
In addition to funds from the World Bank, UNICEF and PAHO/WHO, the IIFRC will launch a donation drive whose proceeds would go exclusively to support anti-cholera efforts.
17 Aug 2012 description
Washington, D.C., August 16, 2012 (PAHO/WHO) — Elimination of cholera transmission on the Island of Hispaniola can be achieved by increasing and sustaining access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation, according to experts of the Pan American Health Organization’s Technical Advisory...
23 Jul 2012 description
Every year, countries are faced by threats of hurricanes, floods, landslides, earthquakes and volcanoes. Several diseases have been observed in the aftermath of such disaster situations. For example, floods can potentially increase the transmission of water-borne diseases; vector-borne diseases can...
30 Jun 2012 description
Washington, D.C., 29 June 2012 (PAHO/WHO) – Representatives of international and civil society organizations today agreed to promote major investments in water and sanitation infrastructure in Haiti and the Dominican Republic as the long-term solution to the cholera epidemic in those...
09 Apr 2012 description
Washington, D.C., April 9, 2012 (PAHO/WHO) – The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), in coordination with the Government of Haiti and health organizations operating in the country, is calling on donors to resume funding for the country’s humanitarian response....