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31 Jan 2013 description
The UN Mission in South Sudan's new civilian protection strategy perpetuates expectations it will never be able to meet. However, notwithstanding existing challenges, improvements to the mission's current performance in this area seem feasible, according to a new CRU Policy Brief.
14 Nov 2012 description
report Clingendael
The end-point of Syria’s brutal and escalating conflict is impossible to foretell, but this does not mean that the international community cannot prepare for the outcome. Should the current regime headed by Bashar al-Assad collapse, crumble or withdraw, the celebrations of the opposition will quickly be followed by the prospect of a daunting transition.
18 Sep 2012 description
Under the influence of the Arab Spring, Yemen last year embarked on a political transition after decades of autocratic rule under President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The extreme fragility of the Yemeni state, however, stems from numerous sources of instability and discontent, which the upheavals in palace...