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31 Aug 2017 description
With concern expressed over deteriorating conditions from a second severe drought this year, USAID's 2017 contribution to the country comes to nearly $454 million.
17 May 2017 description
The contribution is designed to respond to the food-security and nutritional needs of people displaced by conflict, returnees, and people affected by natural disasters and economic stress.
13 Mar 2017 description
New I-Kit helps governments prepare a well-coordinated, timely and strategic communication strategy and implementation plan that can manage people’s expectations during an emergency and assist response efforts.
23 Dec 2016 description
EM-DAT preliminary data shows that during this year, 301 country-level natural disasters in 102 countries caused more than 7,000 deaths and US$97 billion of economic damages.
25 Jul 2016 description
Triggered by El Niño and consecutive poor rainy seasons, the drought is eroding people's ability to cope and threatening important development gains.
29 Jun 2016 description
USAID's Food for Peace program uses a cash-based approach that restores household purchasing power, promotes the recovery of market function and trade, and supports agricultural production.
13 May 2016 description
The aid includes food assistance, safe drinking water, nutrition services, mobile health teams, and also the provision of seeds for food production during the upcoming rains.
19 Nov 2015 description
Lack of access to toilets is endangering the world’s poorest children, UNICEF says, pointing to emerging evidence of links between inadequate sanitation and malnutrition. About 159 million children under 5 years old are stunted.
05 Aug 2014 description
The Global Resilience Partnership will focus on the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, and South and Southeast Asia, areas particularly susceptible to chronic stresses and extreme shocks.
24 Jul 2014 description
In a country with such a high illiteracy rate as the Central African Republic, radio remains the main media. The cost and the lack of access to electricity limit the number of television viewers.
09 May 2014 description
The report found that current satellite imagery does not allow for the detailed analysis required for damage assessments in humanitarian contexts, and provides recommendations for improvements.
24 Feb 2014 description
The toolkit encourages action to manage or prevent water-related conflicts as well as capture long-term peacebuilding and resilience-strengthening opportunities.
03 Sep 2013 description
Besides the impact of disasters on human life and health, livelihoods are most important, as they are what allow households to access the funds and cash flows necessary for recovery.
06 Jul 2013 description
Though seasonal rain showers have resumed in northern RMI, thousands are still in need of humanitarian assistance, particularly access to safe drinking water and food.
29 Jun 2013 description
Ongoing fighting, looting, and repeated displacement have disrupted livelihoods, agricultural activities, and access to local markets. Food security is further impacted by flood- and disease-induced crop and livestock losses.
27 May 2013 description
Forecasters say it could be an extremely active Atlantic hurricane season, with up to 20 named storms developing this year and seven to 11 of the systems becoming hurricanes.
10 Apr 2013 description
Cell phones, social media, crowdsourcing, crisis mapping, blogging, and big data can help to forestall crises and to address the root causes of violence.
21 Feb 2013 description
The UK will set up a new fund to back mobile, text and other innovative technologies which can be used to help those hit by humanitarian crises such as earthquakes, floods or drought.