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22 Dec 2017 description
Four years after the start of the conflict in South Sudan, civilians continue to bear the brunt of gross human rights violations committed in a widespread way by all parties to the conflict.
12 Dec 2017 description
Armed hostilities are on the rise again with more deaths and new damages to critical water infrastructure storing dangerous chemicals - posing a grave threat to human life and the environment.
10 Dec 2017 description
While the majority of civilian casualties during the reporting period were caused by Al Shabaab and other non-state actors, a smaller number were attributed to state security actors and AMISOM.
05 Dec 2017 description
The UN human rights chief on Tuesday condemned "widespread, systematic and shockingly brutal" attacks against the Rohingya, as well as decades of discrimination and persecution.
17 Nov 2017 description
All children caught up in the migration crisis should be treated as children first and foremost, regardless of their nationality or migration status, or that of their parents, UN human rights experts say.
14 Nov 2017 description
The UN Human Rights Office urges the Libyan authorities to take concrete steps to stamp out human rights violations and abuses in centres under their control.
02 Nov 2017 description
UN report covers the period of the Ninewa military operations conducted by Iraqi Security Forces and affiliated armed groups, which lasted from 17 October 2016 to 10 July 2017.
27 Oct 2017 description
The UN human rights chief called on the parties to the conflict to allow badly needed food and medical supplies to reach at least 350,000 besieged civilians.
11 Oct 2017 description
Desde comienzos de 2017, ha habido más asesinatos de defensores de derechos humanos, líderes sociales y comunitarios, en particular en áreas anteriormente ocupadas por las FARC-EP.
11 Oct 2017 description
The attacks have been well-organised, coordinated and systematic, with the intent of not only driving the population out of Myanmar but preventing them from returning to their homes, a new UN report has found.
09 Oct 2017 description
In 2017 there have been more killings of human rights defenders, social and community leaders, in particular in areas formerly occupied by the FARC, than in previous years.
27 Sep 2017 description
The mass hanging of 42 prisoners at Al Hoot prison in the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah raises “massive concerns” over the country’s use of the death penalty, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said.
25 Sep 2017 description
The situation has significantly deteriorated under Russian occupation, with “multiple and grave violations” committed by Russian state agents, according to the UN human rights office.
11 Sep 2017 description
While detailing human rights violations in 40 countries, Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein highlights the Rohingya situation in Myanmar, calling it "a textbook example of ethnic cleansing."
11 Sep 2017 description
The UN human rights chief calls for serious action to protect the hundreds of thousands of migrants bottled up in Libya, who continue to die or be maltreated on land and at sea.
05 Sep 2017 description
At least 5,000 civilians, including 1,120 children, have been killed and more than 8,500 wounded in the conflict, according to the UN Human Rights Office, since war broke out in March 2015.
04 Aug 2017 description
Parmi ces victimes figurent 62 enfants, dont 30 avaient moins de 8 ans, indique un communiqué du Haut-Commissariat des Nations unies aux droits de l'homme publié ce vendredi à Genève.
26 Jul 2017 description
According to the UN Human Rights Council, the new team of experts is expected to collect and preserve information, and to determine facts and circumstances in accordance with international standards and practice.
17 Jul 2017 description
A total of 1,662 civilian deaths were confirmed between 1 January and 30 June – an increase of 2% on the same period last year, according to UNAMA. The number of civilians injured in the same period fell 1% to 3,581.
30 Jun 2017 description
As Mosul is increasingly liberated from ISIL, we are seeing an alarming rise in threats, specifically of forced evictions, against those suspected of being ISIL members - UN Human Rights chief.