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09 May 2017 description
Chronic conflict is preventing effective response to the prolonged drought and humanitarian crisis. ICG urges Somalia to improve governance and promote reconciliation to end the war.
21 Feb 2017 description
The region hosts hundreds of thousands of refugees and IDPs fleeing Boko Haram violence, adding to the burdens of an already impoverished host population.
30 Nov 2016 description
The uncertainties with regard to the Syria war delayed long-term planning by both authorities and Syrians in Turkey. Ankara now needs to assume the permanence of the refugees in order to craft an integration strategy.
03 Oct 2016 description
International donors and the government should look at the rapidly deteriorating economy before this and an escalating humanitarian crisis merge to reach a dangerous critical mass, says the ICG.
19 Sep 2016 description
Lebanon, a small country whose population hovered around four million, has gained a million and a half more residents in under four years, mostly refugees from neighbouring Syria.
07 Sep 2016 description
The next six to nine months pose major tests that, unless dealt with effectively, threaten to derail the agreement, narrow its impact on guerrilla combatants or fail to prevent the chronic reproduction of violence in the outback.
08 Aug 2016 description
Iraqi youth who came of age during the post-2003 turmoil share a sense of hopelessness and disempowerment. This generation must be prioritised, lest Iraq’s most important resource become a major security threat.
19 Feb 2016 description
Mark Malloch Brown suggests a four-point plan that will both address the current crisis and lay the foundations for how future refugee emergencies will be addressed.
06 Jan 2016 description
This year’s list of 10 is weighted toward wars with the worst humanitarian consequences: Syria and Iraq, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and the Lake Chad basin.
18 Dec 2015 description
With an increasing number of the country’s more than 24-armed groups aligned with neither government nor SPLM/A-IO, the prospect of a multipolar war is becoming reality
12 Nov 2015 description
With an increase in killings, inflammator public statements by high level officials and provocative attacks on the security forces by armed opposition, the international community is being put to the test.
05 Nov 2015 description
As tensions mount, firm and decisive diplomatic intervention at a minimum is required to prevent a civil war and its inevitable massacres, says the International Crisis Group.
03 Jul 2015 description
Amid new violence and declining political support, it is easy to forget what has been achieved. Negotiators have made substantial headway on the conflict’s root causes and main effects.
02 Jan 2015 description
The constellation of regional and South Sudanese armed groups in Jonglei is emblematic of the regional, national and local challenges to peace.
24 Sep 2014 description
In the three most affected countries – Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea – the Ebola epidemic has exposed citizens’ lack of trust in their governments and the grave potential for deep unrest in these already fragile societies.
24 Jun 2014 description
Although its law requires Pakistan to provide free and compulsory education to all children, millions are still out of school, the second highest number in the world.
17 Jun 2014 description
The report outlines the need for an approach that combines a peace operation with economic incentives, state support and the fight against trafficking.
15 May 2014 description
Releasing the data will require great political sensitivity to avoid further violence, all the more so with elections scheduled for 2015, says ICG in a new report.
30 Apr 2014 description
Continuous refugee flows from Syria are stretching Turkey’s capacities and necessitate long-term adjustments as well as stronger international engagement to better share the burden.
19 Jun 2013 description
Despite some recent success in winding down decades-long negotiations with rebel groups, achieving peace with the country’s biggest insurgency, in Mindanao, requires both new energy and fresh thinking.