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26 Jan 2017 description
A total of 140 major incidents affecting 192 aid workers have taken place since independence. Levels of violence have been highest in Central Equatoria and the capital, Juba.
09 May 2016 description
As a first step, the humanitarian community should develop an international code of conduct on the use of robotics in humanitarian aid.
17 Jul 2015 description
Although national institutions and local organisations can help improve humanitarian responses to particular crises, they have often been kept at arm's length by the international humanitarian community. For example, national NGOs currently only receive 1.6% of international humanitarian...
18 Jun 2015 description
Twelve articles focus on various aspects of the response to the crisis, such as humanitarian-military engagement, role of the diaspora, GIS mapping, and the importance of translation.
29 Jan 2015 description
The UN General Assembly has passed what may become a landmark resolution, calling for States to protect health workers from violence and to assure patients access to health care in situations of conflict or insecurity.
21 Jan 2015 description
A special edition of Humanitarian Exchange Magazine focuses on lessons learned from the large-scale national and international (Level 3) response.
13 Feb 2014 description
The issue highlights that there is a profound lack of agreement among humanitarian practitioners on how to define, prevent and respond to GBV.
28 Nov 2013 description
Effective humanitarian response in conflict-affected urban areas in Syria requires risk-taking and a capacity to engage in principled strategic dialogue with a wide range of actors.
07 Aug 2013 description
A new publication looks at field experiences of undertaking humanitarian negotiations, the challenges and compromises involved and the resources and tools that have been developed.
17 Jul 2013 description
Practical challenges, including methodology concerns and different skill-sets between humanitarian and new technology actors, have grown with potential applications.
22 May 2013 description
The latest edition of Humanitarian Exchange Magazine focuses on the humanitarian situation in the world’s newest state, where up to five million will need food and livelihoods support this year.
28 Feb 2013 description
There was a time not so long ago when response to a food security crisis was based on a limited handful of options, and information and analysis played little role in response planning. Donor resources now support a much broader range of response options than they did a decade ago, requiring more choices on the part of implementing agencies.
20 Feb 2013 description
The paper highlights lessons learned from the infoasaid project, which sought to improve messaging to, and dialogue with, crisis-affected populations in emergencies.
02 Oct 2012 description
The special feature of this issue of Humanitarian Exchange focuses on the humanitarian crisis in the Sahel region of Africa, where aid agencies estimate that more than 18 million people are affected by food insecurity. In the lead article Peter Gubbels argues that the main cause of this crisis is...
22 Mar 2012 description
Editorial The special feature of this issue of Humanitarian Exchange, co-edited with HPG Research Fellow Simon Levine, focuses on the crisis in the Horn of Africa. Although predicted more than a year in advance, the response to the crisis in many areas of the Horn has again come far too late. As...
21 Dec 2011 description
Humanitarian response in pastoral areas in the Horn of Africa has consistently been late. An enormous investment in early warning over a number of years has brought great improvements: mass human fatalities have become rarer in the past 25 years. However, humanitarian response now aims to prevent...
31 Oct 2011 description
How can emergency response be delivered in a more conflict-sensitive manner? To what extent should this be a priority for the sector? What practical tools and approaches have aid agencies used to better understand their contexts of intervention and minimize conflict risks? As these issues become...
31 Oct 2011 description
Humanitarian accountability Welcome to the new-look Humanitarian Exchange! This edition, coedited with ALNAP’s John Mitchell and Paul Knox-Clarke, is dedicated to accountability in humanitarian action. In their overview article our coeditors reflect on the underlying rationales – both moral and...