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29 Apr 2014 description
report Small Arms Survey
South Sudan is saturated with weapons following the long civil war prior to its independence in 2011. Without a proper surplus management policy, the weapons are at risk of being illicitly diverted.
19 Mar 2014 description
report Small Arms Survey
Clashes are occurring against a continuing impasse in talks over the territory’s future and both Sudan and South Sudan are accusing each other of involving their armies in the conflict.
18 Dec 2013 description
report Small Arms Survey
The paper reviews the evolution of the crisis in Blue Nile in terms of its devastating security and humanitarian impacts on civilians, as well as on the domestic and regional political landscape.
21 Dec 2012 description
report Small Arms Survey
A recent survey on perceptions of security in Kenya found that the highest area of concern among household respondents was safety during electioneering periods Specifically, 48.4 per cent felt most unsafe during political campaigns: an understandable anxiety, given Kenya’s recent political history and its recurrent electoral violence
13 Jan 2012 description
report Small Arms Survey
In January 2011, Abyei’s residents were supposed to vote in a referendum to determine whether they wanted Abyei to remain in Sudan, or join what is now the independent nation of South Sudan. The Government of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) failed to organise the...
07 Jul 2011 description
report Small Arms Survey
The private security industry has expanded to employ some 20 million documented personnel worldwide—almost twice the number of police officers, reveals the Small Arms Survey 2011. In some countries, the figure represents a doubling or even a tripling of the number of private security workers over...