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06 Apr 2017 description
Although Afghanistan has ratified several international conventions on disability rights, disabled people say they face social prejudice and government inaction.
13 Jan 2017 description
A new report shows children are being denied access to education in the central Afghanistan province of Maidan Wardak by a combination of conflict, poverty and conservative tradition.
27 Jul 2015 description
Flood-hit villagers in a remote, high-mountain region of Tajikistan say their government has been too slow in responding to devastating floods that have left many areas cut off.
10 Jun 2014 description
The reported rate of violence against women has been rising over the past two months due to an increased willingness to report crimes as women become more aware of their rights.
03 Mar 2013 description
Delays in enacting legislation to address longstanding grievances make land as potent an election issue as ever.
24 Dec 2012 description
Precautions in place in Havana's old town. By Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez - Latin America A rise in cholera cases in the Cuban capital Havana is being traced back to parts of the country worst affected by Hurricane Sandy two months ago. Doctors who have recorded new cases of the disease...
29 Nov 2012 description
A month after Hurricane Sandy hit Cuba, outbreaks of cholera and dengue fever have been reported in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Las Tunas and Guantánamo.
01 Aug 2012 description
Authorities have little control over chemists’ shops in Uruzgan, undermining faith in the health sector. By Ajmal Wesal - Afghanistan ARR Issue 436, 31 Jul 12 Khair Mohammad may not be a qualified doctor, but he offers a wide range of treatments to whoever will pay. On a blanket laid out beside...
23 Mar 2012 description
Despite peace agreement and UN backing, many say it is not yet safe to go home. By Janet Anderson, Tajeldin Adam, Zakia Yousif - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 316, 22 Mar 12 More than 100,000 people uprooted by conflict in the Darfur region of western Sudan have returned home since early...
15 Feb 2012 description
As refugee agency winds up work, concerns persist over future of elderly people still unable to return to homes. By Arthur Okot, Bill Oketch, Gillian Lamunu - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 314, 13 Feb 12 The withdrawal of the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR from northern Uganda has...
18 Oct 2011 description
Women and girls captured by LRA in northern Uganda struggle to settle back into former villages, while their children, often fathered by rebels, face complete rejection. By Arthur Okot, Gillian Lamunu, Bill Oketch - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 305, 18 Oct 11 Agnes was abducted by...
17 Aug 2011 description
Efforts to defeat feared group run into trouble as regional governments fail to address threat. By Barrett Holmes Pitner - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 300, 17 Aug 11 Amid concerns that efforts to flush out Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA, are flagging, the international...
28 Jul 2011 description
Despite clearance efforts, forgotten landmines cause 50 casualties a month. By Abdol Wahed Faramarz - Afghanistan ARR Issue 405, 28 Jul 11 Sitting in the shade of a tree in the Kabul children’s hospital, Karimullah recalls the exact moment his young son was injured in a mine blast. Two...
15 Jun 2011 description
Images reflect progress made in repairing damaged homes, though mistrust between communities will be harder to mend. By IWPR Central Asia - Central Asia RCA Issue 651, 15 Jun 11 Several days of bloodshed in southern Kyrgyzstan last June left over 400 people dead, and created an atmosphere of...
02 Jun 2011 description
Ammonium nitrate banned because of its use as explosive, but orchard owners say their trees are starved of nutrients. By Maiwand Safi - Afghanistan ARR Issue 400, 2 Jun 11 Farmers in Kapisa province of eastern Afghanistan say their harvests have gone into drastic decline since the government...
09 May 2011 description
Locals say insurgents feeding on resentment at undelivered pledges. By Shahpoor Saber - Afghanistan ARR Issue 397, 9 May 11 Residents of a western Afghan district say it risks tipping back into instability because the assistance promised after the elimination of a local warlord two years ago...