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20 Dec 2017 description
Un 79% de la niñez y adolescencia retornada a Guatemala invirtió más de 22 horas semanales en actividades laborales familiares no remuneradas antes de migrar. Este porcentaje es mayor para las niñas.
19 Sep 2017 description
Latest estimates by the International Labour Organization indicate that child labour has continued to fall but the pace of decline has slowed considerably in the past four years.
12 Jun 2017 description
"Children in areas affected by conflict and disasters are among the most vulnerable. No child must be left behind,” says ILO in a statement for World Day Against Child Labour.
28 Apr 2015 description
A new ILO report shows that 56 per cent of people living in rural areas worldwide do not have access to essential health-care services – more than double the figure in urban areas.
16 Feb 2015 description
The research identifies four main driving factors that cause children to live or work on the streets of Lebanon: social exclusion, vulnerability of households, the influx of Syrian refugees, and organized crime.
27 Aug 2013 description
ILO has developed a training guide for policy makers and practitioners to develop and update existing national responses to child labour.
12 Jun 2013 description
Children worldwide – most of them under age – are working in people’s homes, in hazardous and sometimes slavery-like conditions, says the ILO in a new report.
06 Jun 2013 description
The Palestinian economy is grappling with stagnating growth, higher unemployment and poverty and food dependency. The situation is particularly acute in Gaza.
04 Jan 2013 description
Fishermen who lost their boats during Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war are back at sea, farmers are learning to get better yields and war widows are running businesses.
04 Jun 2012 description
The situation of workers in the occupied Arab territories remains precarious, ILO says Realities of the occupation on the ground and the expansion of Israeli settlements, leading to a shrinking space for Palestinian, makes the situation of workers in the occupied Arab territories extremely worrying...