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02 Jan 2018 description
Two mobile reproductive health teams have been deployed following the arrival of a UNFPA and Syrian Arab Red Crescent mission on 28 December, the first time a UN agency has entered the area with aid.
25 Nov 2017 description
Sexual violence and other forms of gender-based violence continues to remain a major source of concern in the daily lives of women, men, girls and boys across Syria.
17 Oct 2017 description
Inequalities in sexual and reproductive health and rights, while often given limited attention, have implications that extend from individual to national level, warns UNFPA in their flagship report.
27 Sep 2017 description
More than half the gender-based violence incidents reported to UNFPA and its partners by Rohingya women refugees in Bangladesh are sexual assault, an exceptionally high proportion.
25 Sep 2017 description
In August, a cholera outbreak took hold in Borno. The disease, which causes dangerous levels of dehydration, has put women – especially pregnant women – at particular risk.
12 Sep 2017 description
The UN Population Fund is urgently scaling up its emergency response to reach those affected, targeting roughly 22,000 people in the country, including 650 pregnant women.
07 Sep 2017 description
Experts in water, sanitation and hygiene, engineers, medical, logistics, nutrition, child and social protection are coordinating their efforts in light of the impact of Hurricane Irma.
29 Aug 2017 description
The violence in north-eastern Nigeria has left more than 40 per cent of health facilities either destroyed or badly damaged, and many doctors and nurses have been forced to flee.
18 Aug 2017 description
Mobile health brigades, protection kits to prevent and respond to gender-based violence, and the provision of medical equipment all help to strengthen the community and build resilience.
11 Aug 2017 description
A new census report reveals that an estimated 13.5 million people, a quarter of Myanmar’s population, live in housing that is made of materials that can deteriorate rapidly.
10 Aug 2017 description
Decades of conflict and under-investment have placed a huge strain on Iraq’s healthcare system, and pregnant women and their babies are paying for it with their lives.
21 Jul 2017 description
The funds will provide life-saving sexual and reproductive health services, and programmes to address gender-based violence in countries such as Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen.
06 Jul 2017 description
The hospital, which is the only facility that provides maternity and neonatal care in West Mosul, will respond to the needs of more than 200,000 women and girls that were denied access to healthcare under ISIS.
03 Jul 2017 description
Philippine authorities say some 385,000 people have been displaced by fighting between government forces and the Maute and Abu Sayyaf armed groups on the long-embattled island of Mindanao.
14 Apr 2017 description
The UN Population Fund is particularly concerned about the fate of 607,000 pregnant women across the country, who need maternal health services to ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery.
09 Apr 2017 description
Through this EU partnership, UNFPA will provide much needed Reproductive Health services to more than 700,000 conflict affected women and girls in Iraq.
05 Apr 2017 description
As more than 1 million have been affected by severe flooding and landslides, UNFPA estimates some 5,500 women are at risk of sexual assault, and at least 550 pregnant women require urgent assistance.
16 Feb 2017 description
The conditions of extreme stress combined with lack of privacy for displaced women and girls in Kachin State results in their increased vulnerability to violence.
01 Feb 2017 description
According to a UNFPA survey covering some 2,400 refugee women and girls living in Western Bekaa, more than a third of those surveyed between the ages of 20 and 24 had been married before reaching age 18.
13 Jan 2017 description
Shelters are overwhelmed and under-resourced, with many lacking electricity and sufficient accommodation. Lack of privacy may leave women and girls vulnerable to gender-based violence.