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16 Jan 2018 description
People not only need shelter, food, safe drinking water and household items, but they also must feel safe in such an insecure environment where sexual violence is rampant, says ICRC.
29 Dec 2017 description
On the UN vision of reform, the ICRC highlights protection as essential to development and peace, as well as to neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian action.
28 Dec 2017 description
The evacuation came after an agreement was reached between the parties to the conflict to evacuate 29 people. So far, 16 patients have been medically evacuated from Eastern Ghouta to Damascus.
20 Dec 2017 description
Displaced people staying in municipalities east of Lake Lanao come from the worst affected parts of Marawi City that have not opened for return yet and remain dependent on aid.
18 Dec 2017 description
Anti-personnel mines, in particular improvised mines, are taking a heavy toll on civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar, Nigeria, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. Children account for 42% of all civilian casualties.
11 Dec 2017 description
New cases of relatives contacting the organization looking for family have increased by almost 90% over this period (2012-2016), with 18,000 new cases opened last year alone.
29 Nov 2017 description
Whether in the Maghreb, Mediterranean or Central America, as a result of migration, violence or conflict, those who go missing leave behind families, memories, and lives.
03 Nov 2017 description
The ICRC is supporting the return of displaced residents by enhancing their access to health care and potable water. Health stations have received essential medicines and supplies.
01 Nov 2017 description
Across Iraq, conflict has taken its toll on education. Temporary schools were created in caravans, without electricity, cooling systems, or heat insulation. Now rebuilding has begun.
19 Oct 2017 description
Of the 65 million people displaced by violence and war, just over 20 million are refugees, while the remaining majority are displaced in their own countries, often more than once.
18 Oct 2017 description
Le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge a suspendu la distribution de nourriture, l’accès à l’eau et aux soins de santé, et le rétablissement de liens familiaux suite d’une intrusion d’hommes armés dans l’une de ses résidences à Kidal
11 Oct 2017 description
Violence and repeated armed clashes in DRC have caused alarming levels of human suffering, with 7 million people needing assistance, more than half of whom have been displaced.
09 Oct 2017 description
After a series of attacks on members of staff, the ICRC has reached the conclusion that there is no choice but to drastically reduce its presence and activities in Afghanistan.
05 Oct 2017 description
Several regions throughout Syria are witnessing an increasingly worrying spike of military operations. ICRC warns it is the the worst level of violence since the battle for Aleppo in 2016.
20 Sep 2017 description
Ongoing violence is causing massive displacement, uprooting almost a third of the population. Some flee in fear and others are forced, ICRC President Peter Maurer told the UN General Assembly.
18 Sep 2017 description
Most prisoners rely on their families for food, soap and clothes. However, as thousands of people continue to flee their homes, detainees lose a vital lifeline, becoming even more isolated.
24 Aug 2017 description
ICRC is concerned by the disruption of public services and deterioration of infrastructure in Libya. Hospitals are suffering from a shortage of medical supplies even as they see an increase in patients.
21 Aug 2017 description
The International Committee of the Red Cross delivers food and other essential items to more than 64,000 people in West Mosul for the first time since the area was cut off from the world in 2014.
09 Aug 2017 description
A pattern of recent airstrikes has killed and injured dozens of civilians in the Sa'ada and Taiz governorates in Yemen. Nine members of one family were killed and three critically injured in the latest incident.
28 Jul 2017 description
The fight against malnutrition and disease is pressing in the small, thirsty villages of Somalia. With the help of the Red Crescent, mobile teams are being deployed to communities cut off from basic health care.