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20 Sep 2017 description
Ongoing violence is causing massive displacement, uprooting almost a third of the population. Some flee in fear and others are forced, ICRC President Peter Maurer told the UN General Assembly.
18 Sep 2017 description
Most prisoners rely on their families for food, soap and clothes. However, as thousands of people continue to flee their homes, detainees lose a vital lifeline, becoming even more isolated.
24 Aug 2017 description
ICRC is concerned by the disruption of public services and deterioration of infrastructure in Libya. Hospitals are suffering from a shortage of medical supplies even as they see an increase in patients.
21 Aug 2017 description
The International Committee of the Red Cross delivers food and other essential items to more than 64,000 people in West Mosul for the first time since the area was cut off from the world in 2014.
09 Aug 2017 description
A pattern of recent airstrikes has killed and injured dozens of civilians in the Sa'ada and Taiz governorates in Yemen. Nine members of one family were killed and three critically injured in the latest incident.
28 Jul 2017 description
The fight against malnutrition and disease is pressing in the small, thirsty villages of Somalia. With the help of the Red Crescent, mobile teams are being deployed to communities cut off from basic health care.
14 Jul 2017 description
Armed conflict, sexual violence, food shortages, and displacement are among the factors contributing to what the British Red Cross has described as a 'silent emergency' across the Lake Chad Region of West Africa.
23 Jun 2017 description
One month into the armed conflict, there is still a need to support more than 200,000 displaced people with food, drinking water, sanitation facilities and health care in the coming weeks.
19 Jun 2017 description
The injuries caused when wars are fought in densely populated cities like Mosul are terrible, says the ICRC. Staying in the city's old quarter can mean dying, but trying to escape can mean dying too.
15 Jun 2017 description
In the Philippines, the fighting between government forces and the Maute group in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur, has entered its fourth week. Evacuation efforts are ongoing.
15 Jun 2017 description
In an attempt to shed light on the toll of conflict within cities, ICRC has released a special report which examines the effects on civilians through their first-hand accounts.
12 Jun 2017 description
The staff of the Voda Donbassa pumping station was forced to leave after a new localized spike in hostilities. The pumping station remains closed due to a lack of security guarantees.
08 Jun 2017 description
As the rainy season begins, thousands of people displaced by the fighting in Marawi are at risk of water-borne diseases because of limited access to basic water and sanitation facilities.
19 May 2017 description
The Baidoa centre is one of the few places where malnourished children under age five can get treatment. A centre in Kismayo is overwhelmed by a high number of mothers and children.
03 Apr 2017 description
African states are meeting in Zimbabwe from 3 to 5 April to consider how to improve implementation of the groundbreaking regional agreement to protect IDPs, the Kampala Convention.
30 Mar 2017 description
Thousands gather every time an airdrop happens, waiting patiently for what is sometimes their first real food in days. But such deliveries are only a short term measure, an attempt to avoid the disaster of famine for a few months.
22 Mar 2017 description
The ICRC is appealing for $400m to help those most affected by the humanitarian crises in Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan and north-east Nigeria. The funds will ensure 5 million vulnerable people receive essential aid.
22 Mar 2017 description
Users buy prepaid tokens from various suppliers and swipe them at the automated tap stands, which then dispense the requested amount of water.
10 Mar 2017 description
Hundreds of thousands of people are living under the perpetual threat of shelling, shooting, and landmines, and access to basics like food, water and electrical power has been dramatically curtailed, said Peter Maurer.
09 Mar 2017 description
The ICRC highlights that swifter progress is required on issues of humanitarian concern such as searching for missing people, clearing landmines and demobilizing minors from the ranks of the FARC.