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28 Jan 2017 description
A new report assesses the immediate effects of transfers on reducing barriers to accessing basic services and employment, as well as considering the long-term implications of improvements in economic and social outcomes.
24 Jan 2017 description
The increased extent, duration and frequency of drought are hitting the resilience of livelihoods. However, there are also opportunities to work with ASAL communities to build resilience.
03 Aug 2016 description
World leaders pledged to pay for hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children to go to school - but they have failed to deliver on their promise, a TheirWorld report shows.
04 May 2016 description
Launching at the World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016, the platform aims to deliver a more collaborative, agile and rapid response to fulfil the right to education for children and young people affected by crises.
27 Mar 2016 description
A new paper explains how and why improved water management on the farm matters for women, and what can be done to better support opportunities for them in the face of climate change.
22 Oct 2015 description
The review addresses a number of topics, including communicable disease control; WASH; nutrition; and mental health and psychosocial support.
15 Sep 2015 description
Humanitarian assistance could be more effective, more efficient and more transparent if aid was given in the form of cash directly to people struggling to survive in crises, says ODI report.
23 Jun 2015 description
A new paper outlines the challenge of education in emergencies and protracted crises, identifies key gaps and shows how, with political commitment and resourcing, much more could be done.
10 Mar 2015 description
The possibility of a future disaster has real impacts on present-day decisions and economic growth, but despite widespread awareness, investment in ex-ante DRM remains low.
26 Feb 2015 description
The study, through a rigorous review of literature and analysis of selected case studies, provides a snapshot of what is known - and often not known regarding investment for education emergencies.
01 Nov 2014 description
This guide to the future framework for disaster risk reduction (DRR) is intended for decision-makers, particularly those in government responsible for contributing to the new agreement.
21 Oct 2014 description
As part of the response to floods in Pakistan in 2010, aid efforts to help people build shelters using bamboo inadvertently inflated the price. Now aid agencies must ensure that they don’t make the same mistakes again.
14 Oct 2014 description
A new paper reviews the lessons that were learned (or are still to be learned) just as yet another large-scale humanitarian response is required in South Sudan.
18 Aug 2014 description
“Aid agencies, funded by and spurred on by government donors, have pushed on further and further into the frontlines of conflicts, where the needs are greatest, but it exposes them and their staff to an increasing level of violence,” says ODI.
08 Jul 2014 description
This approach seeks to ensure basic resources and infrastructures can cope with the pressure from higher demand, that households are supported and that declining economic performance and deteriorating social cohesion can be arrested and reversed.
10 Jun 2014 description
New research explain patterns and consequences of sexual violence in post-conflict settings in Liberia. The paper also highlights the complexities involved in tackling this problem.
10 Jan 2014 description
The humanitarian response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake marked a watershed moment for humanitarian information management. A new study analyses the challenges encountered and offers recommendations for overcoming them.
16 Oct 2013 description
New report says disaster risk management should be a key component of poverty reduction efforts, focusing on protecting livelihoods as well as saving lives.
18 Sep 2013 description
A new report investigates the priorities in financing of DRR, asks questions of both the equity and adequacy of past efforts and points to the future of a more rational, targeted investment.
22 Feb 2013 description
Prepared communities, fine-tuned development practice and effective finance can only go so far in building resilience: The Arid and Semi Arid Lands also need strong and effective leadership