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31 Oct 2013 description
Combining the contextualised knowledge and experience of local partners with the expertise of international agencies can substantially improve the effectiveness of humanitarian aid.
31 May 2013 description
Making decisions on funding allocations is not always straightforward, especially for smaller donors, according to VOICE Out Loud newsletter on Humanitarian Donors: Policy and Practice.
30 Oct 2012 description
In the search for quality humanitarian aid, the word ‘accountability’ is often mentioned in the same breath as ‘effectiveness’ and ‘efficiency’. But what does it really mean? For politicians and government employees, it entails checking that their humanitarian money is well spent....
28 Oct 2011 description
Partnership is essential in humanitarian action. No single agency is able to tackle the increasing humanitarian needs by itself, certainly in the case of mega disasters such as the floods in Pakistan or more recently the famine in the Horn of Africa. For the last decade, and especially since the...