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21 Nov 2016 description
The national state of emergency comes after 172 of the country's 339 municipalities declared their own emergencies related to the drought, which has affected some 125,000 families.
12 Sep 2016 description
La sequía se ha extendido en el oriente boliviano, llegando al Chaco y a las llanuras del Beni. Los departamentos más afectados son Cochabamba, La Paz, Oruro, Chuquisaca y Santa Cruz.
24 Feb 2015 description
The number of people affected by floods has increased to almost 93,000 in Bolivia and almost 84,000 in Peru.
06 Jun 2014 description
The Ministry of Education reports that approximately 1,000 schools have been damaged, affecting an estimated 250,000 students.
13 Mar 2014 description
Cerca de 68,000 personas han sido afectadas, 10,000 de ellas tuvieron que dejar sus hogares. En Beni, mas de 4,000 familias se encuentran en albergues o campamentos.
27 Feb 2014 description
Early official estimates indicate almost 60,000 heads of cattle lost. Another 1.8 million are at risk of disease from the excessive humidity and lack of feed due to the extensive flooding of pasture land.
21 Feb 2014 description
Many of the affected families depend on subsistence agriculture, and with the floods occurring just before the harvest period, they lost not only access to food, but also the resources to restart on the next cycle.
18 Feb 2014 description
Floods have affected about 40 per cent of municipalities in Bolivia. The United Nations has mobilized 873 tents from its regional deposit in Panama to assist affected people.
11 Feb 2014 description
Since October they have left 40 people dead and caused US$5 million in losses for the livestock sector of the Beni region. Authorities have distributed close to US$1.4 million in assistance.
05 Feb 2014 description
Since the beginning of the rainy season, 37,600 families have been affected and 31 people killed in across Bolivia. In Peru's Madre de Dios department 3,000 people have lost their houses.
29 Jan 2014 description
Floods and landslides have been reported in several parts of the country. Since the beginning of the rainy season in October, 44 people have died and more than 25 per cent of municipalities have been affected.
30 Aug 2013 description
En el mes de agosto, la zona occidental de Bolivia soportó intensas nevadas. Más de 1.100 hectáreas de cultivos y 20 mil cabezas de ganado son afectadas.
11 Jul 2013 description
The cereal production is expected to decrease by 11 per cent. Over 87,000 people are in need of assistance. The government declared a state of emergency.
16 Apr 2013 description
Subsistence farmers had their crop fields destroyed by flooding just before the harvest in January. They will need assistance until they are able to sow and harvest again.
20 Mar 2013 description
Small and subsistence farmers were about to harvest and, now, find themselves with no food reserves. 25,000 peoples are in urgent need of food assistance.
18 Feb 2013 description
El desborde de ríos, inundaciones y deslizamientos en el occidente y oriente afectaron a poco más de 10.000 familias en los últimos 2 meses.
11 Jan 2013 description
Alimentos, frazadas y colchones fueron distribuidos en el Departamento de Potosí para mitigar las perdidas que sufrieron las familias.
02 Jul 2012 description
report Inter Press Service
By Franz Chávez LA PAZ, Jun 29 2012 (IPS) - The effects of climate change are causing hundreds of millions of dollars a year in losses of crops, livestock and housing in Bolivia. But the few climate change adaptation and prevention policies adopted by the authorities are piecemeal and fragmented,...
16 Feb 2012 description
I. PUNTOS DESTACADOS · Desde el mes de octubre a la fecha está en ascenso una epidemia de dengue y dengue severo en los departamentos del país con excepción de Potosí y Oruro. · Un total de 6.595 familias afectadas en los 9 Departamentos a causa de las precipitaciones pluviales, a la fecha...
10 May 2011 description
Children are highly vulnerable to disasters, in part because of their particular stage of physiological and social development. Powerful forces of nature such as earthquakes, cyclones and tsunamis can have serious immediate and long-term impacts on human health, property and livelihoods, which can...