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27 Dec 2017 description
The ongoing militarization of Mindanao in the Philippines is having a massive and potentially irreversible impact on the human rights of some of the island’s indigenous Lumad communities.
26 Dec 2017 description
Four days after tropical storm Tembin made landfall in Mindanao, thousands of survivors are still in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. More than 500,000 people in 23 provinces have been affected.
26 Dec 2017 description
In Bangladesh, as of 18 December, health partners reported 1,841 suspected cases of diphtheria among the Rohingya refugees, with 22 deaths recorded.
25 Dec 2017 description
Tropical Cyclone Tembin triggered floods and landslides that have killed about 200 people, with scores still missing and thousands more homeless.
23 Dec 2017 description
Latest information indicates that Tembin has caused dozens – potentially hundreds – of fatalities, damaged thousands of houses, and washed away vast amounts of livelihoods.
20 Dec 2017 description
Displaced people staying in municipalities east of Lake Lanao come from the worst affected parts of Marawi City that have not opened for return yet and remain dependent on aid.
03 Nov 2017 description
The ICRC is supporting the return of displaced residents by enhancing their access to health care and potable water. Health stations have received essential medicines and supplies.
28 Oct 2017 description
To mitigate protection risks, the PhilHealth identification cards will serve as documents proving the identity of the IDPs and shall address restriction to their mobility.
27 Oct 2017 description
Aid agencies continue to address the humanitarian needs of those displaced while directing more attention to their safe, voluntary return and transition to recovery.
17 Jul 2017 description
Heavy monsoon rains have triggered flooding and landslides across Asia and the Pacific affecting millions of people. Tropical Storm Talas hit Viet Nam damaging at least 2,700 houses.
10 Jul 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
Violence and mass evacuations following a military operation in late May have affected about 160,000 children. Some of them are used as combatants and 22,700 can't return to school.
10 Jul 2017 description
As of 7 July, over 40 people have been killed, 61 injured and 60 houses damaged by flash floods in Pakistan. Armed clashes in Afghanistan have displaced more than 20,200 people.
03 Jul 2017 description
Philippine authorities say some 385,000 people have been displaced by fighting between government forces and the Maute and Abu Sayyaf armed groups on the long-embattled island of Mindanao.
23 Jun 2017 description
One month into the armed conflict, there is still a need to support more than 200,000 displaced people with food, drinking water, sanitation facilities and health care in the coming weeks.
15 Jun 2017 description
In the Philippines, the fighting between government forces and the Maute group in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur, has entered its fourth week. Evacuation efforts are ongoing.
08 Jun 2017 description
As the rainy season begins, thousands of people displaced by the fighting in Marawi are at risk of water-borne diseases because of limited access to basic water and sanitation facilities.
02 May 2017 description
The report highlights significant progress achieved by the MILF in implementing an Action Plan to end and prevent the recruitment and use of children, signed in 2009.
17 Apr 2017 description
As of 17 April, flash floods caused nine deaths and displaced 1,200 people in Philippines' Cebu province. On 12 and 13 April, flooding affected 2,000 people in West Aceh District, Indonesia.
06 Apr 2017 description
A new publication focuses on five priority Asian countries that are highly vulnerable to large-scale natural disasters: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, and the Philippines.
20 Feb 2017 description
As of 19 February, over 30,700 people remain displaced in northeastern Mindanao (Caraga region) by flooding. At least 2,100 people are in 18 shelters, while most are staying with relatives.