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17 Aug 2017 description
Rainfall deficits have greatly affected the situation of crops. IFRC operations will assist the populations of Brakna and Gorgol who currently have high percentages in malnutrition cases.
11 Jul 2017 description
The money will help WFP provide cash and food transfers to some 77,000 Mauritanians during the peak of the lean season and throughout September, and improve nutrition and livelihoods.
17 Jan 2017 description
The arrival of more than 4,500 Malians in Mauritania has led to an urgent need for shelters and latrines, as many of the four-year-old infrastructures in Mbera camp need to be replaced.
12 Jan 2017 description
With 23.8% of households in the south affected by food insecurity, today's agreement will benefit the 285,600 farmers in the region to improve their incomes and nutrition.
07 Nov 2016 description
More than 135,000 Malians who had run from the conflict in their country continue to live in exile, mainly in Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mauritania, where Mbera camp is home to more than 42,000 men, women and children.
07 Jul 2016 description
One year after the UN-brokered Algiers Peace and Reconciliation Agreement in Mali was reached, some 130,000 Malians continue to live in exile, mainly in Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger.
14 Mar 2016 description
Funding shortfalls have forced WFP to suspend school-meal distributions as of December, leaving over 150,000 school children from vulnerable families without the certainty of a daily meal.
11 Feb 2016 description
Agencies warn that funding will only last until April and seek immediate support to ensure 50,000 Malian refugees in Mauritania’s Mberra camp continue to receive life-saving assistance.
20 Jul 2015 description
Almost 400 people fleeing a renewed outbreak of fighting in northern Mali have sought refuge in Mauritania over the last few months, the UNHCR has informed.
02 Jul 2015 description
The cancellation of monthly food rations in July for 49,500 Malian refugees in Mbera Camp is likely to cause a rise in global acute malnutrition levels, warns Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).
05 Jun 2015 description
The agencies are working with partners and Mauritanian authorities to ensure the protection and assistance of 52,500 Malian refugees who have been living in Mberra camp since 2012, after conflict in northern Mali.
26 May 2015 description
report IRIN
Recent assessments show that the food security situation has gradually worsened since mid-2013 and that it is now at the same levels as during the 2012 drought, which left more than 800,000 people in need of assistance.
18 Nov 2014 description
In February/March, more than 300,000 households in south-central Mauritania will begin to face food consumption gaps. Without aid, more than 600,000 households could face acute food insecurity by June.
02 Oct 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund
From January to August 2014, 11,913 news cases of Severe Acute Malnutrition were admitted and treated (of which 6,314 recovered), out of an expected caseload of 30,741 children.
17 Feb 2014 description
report IRIN
In early February, a group of Arab donors visited the food-insecure regions of Brakna and Gorgol, a trip organized by UNOCHA. Gogol and Brakna are severely food insecure.
02 Dec 2013 description
report IRIN
Just 4,298 of the 14,000 primary school-aged children in Mbera refugee camp in eastern Mauritania are enrolled in camp schools, aid agencies estimate.
19 Nov 2013 description
report IRIN
Tensions often arise between refugees and host communities as they compete for scarce resources. Coordinating refugee aid and ongoing development effort is the best way to help the locals.
30 Sep 2013 description
report IRIN
Weeks of heavy rains that began in mid-August have left much of Mauritania's capital city and six of the surrounding regions under water. In the north, herders in flooded areas lost whole herds - and thus their entire livelihoods
21 Sep 2013 description
Since early August, rainstorms have taken heavy toll in several districts. The most affected regions are Tagant, Trarza, Inchiri and Nouakchott. Red Cross has carried out basic relief item distributions.
13 Sep 2013 description
The cyclical nature of droughts and food shortages deals successive blows to population still reeling from the 2011 drought and increasingly incapable of withstanding recurring shocks to harvests and livestock.