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16 Jan 2018 description
The National Office of Risk and Disaster Management said more 54,000 people were displaced by the cyclone and another 22 people have been reported missing.
05 Jan 2018 description
The system is expected to continue southward along the eastern coast over the weekend, causing strong winds and heavy rains and generating a significant risk of flooding and landslides.
04 Jan 2018 description
The path/strength of the system is comparable with Tropical Cyclone Jade in 2009, which affected 61,000 people, causing 15 deaths and displacing 4,000 people.
02 Jan 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
Funds will be used to address the WASH, nutrition, health, education, child protection, C4D and emergency cash needs of children and their families affected by disasters in 2018.
27 Nov 2017 description
“The worst of the outbreak is over, but we must stand ready to detect and respond to new infections until the end of the plague season in April 2018,” said WHO Director-General.
02 Nov 2017 description
WHO is working with national health authorities in risk countries to complete a plague preparedness checklist to assess their readiness, and to identify concrete actions to bridge gaps.
13 Oct 2017 description
A full medical team will be deployed along with the 50-bed treatment centre to provide urgent care and stop the spread of bubonic plague, which has infected over 550 people and killed 57.
10 Oct 2017 description
As one of the key actors on the ground, the Red Cross has mobilized its personnel and is upgrading their skills on community surveillance, contact tracing and messaging.
06 Oct 2017 description
WHO has released $1.5 Million from its emergency funds to fight plague in Madagascar. The health agency is appealing for US$5.5 million to effectively respond to the outbreak.
02 Oct 2017 description
WHO has released US$300,000 in emergency funds, as well as critical medical supplies, to quickly scale up operational efforts, and is appealing for US$1.5 million to support the response.
29 Sep 2017 description
WHO is concerned the outbreak may spread because it is already present in several cities and this is just the start of the plague epidemic season, which usually runs from September to April.
19 Apr 2017 description
The Flash Appeal, budgeted at $20.1 million, is 45% funded and will be revised at end-April to cover the humanitarian needs for the next six months.
31 Mar 2017 description
Le Programme alimentaire mondial prévoit de continuer son assistance d’urgence qui vise à sauver des vies et restaurer les moyens de subsistance de 157,000 personnes affectées par le passage du cyclone Enawo.
23 Mar 2017 description
The US$20 million will fund food aid for 170,000 people, provide water, sanitation and hygiene assistance for 168,000 people and support more than 230,000 farmers in replanting crops.
21 Mar 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
An estimated 175,000 people have no access to safe potable water due to contamination of wells and water sources, with indications that water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea are on the rise.
16 Mar 2017 description
The number of people displaced by the cyclone has risen to almost 247,000. Some 425,000 people have been severely affected by the disaster and require humanitarian assistance.
14 Mar 2017 description
Food availability is a challenge to affected populations in remote areas cut off by damaged roads. All the crops and rice fields in Antalaha and Sambava have been submerged and destroyed.
13 Mar 2017 description
The appeal seeks almost SwFr900,000 to focus on interventions in health, water, sanitation and hygiene and shelter (including non-food items) over eight months.
10 Mar 2017 description
The government has reported severe damage, especially in Antahala, where they believe 80% of homes were destroyed as well as 100% of crops. Severe flooding has also affected the capital city, Antananarivo.
09 Mar 2017 description
Towns and cities are flooded; houses, schools, hospitals and critical infrastructure destroyed; and thousands of people displaced. Power outages are widespread in affected areas.