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05 Jan 2018 description
IOM recorded 171,635 arrivals by sea in 2017, the figure in 2016 was 363,504. Arrivals in Italy by boat was 119,310, the lowest since the Mediterranean migrant emergency began.
22 Dec 2017 description
The group of Eritrean, Ethiopian, Somali and Yemeni refugees include families, single mothers, unaccompanied children and disabled people. All of them need health care and counseling.
24 Nov 2017 description
Relying on analysis of IOM, the report states that at least 33,761 migrants were reported to have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean between 2000 and 2017.
29 Aug 2017 description
Just 19 deaths have been recorded in the Mediterranean so far in all of August by IOM, a sharp drop from the 689 recorded in August 2015 and 62 last year.
03 Aug 2017 description
Despite record numbers of asylum seekers reaching Italy by boat, the reception system is failing to meet the needs of the most vulnerable migrants, and many feel unwelcome there.
01 Aug 2017 description
Five aid groups that operate migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean refused to sign up to the Italian government's code of conduct on Monday but three others backed it.
24 Jul 2017 description
Most of the children in Italy were lone boys from West and Horn of Africa who made the decision to migrate individually, while 91% of children in Greece arrived with their family.
21 Jul 2017 description
IOM estimates that 80 per cent of girls arriving from Nigeria – whose numbers have soared from 1,454 in 2014 to 11,009 in 2016 – are potential victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation.
18 Jul 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
With thousands of refugees and migrants being pulled from the Mediterranean Sea each week, UNICEF is warning that a proposed code of conduct for NGO vessels could put children's lives at risk.
08 May 2017 description
The general lack of clarity around the correct procedure and children’s sense that their claim was not progressing were key in shaping their decision to leave the primary reception centres and go elsewhere.
28 Apr 2017 description
report Oxfam
Many families will arrive in Italy today to seek asylum. The humanitarian visa scheme aims to support 500 people in 2017 located in three transit countries – Lebanon, Morocco and Ethiopia.
21 Apr 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
Since the start of 2017, nearly 37,000 refugees and migrants, 13 per cent of whom are children, have reached Italy by sea via the Central Mediterranean. At least 849 people have been lost at sea along the route since January.
29 Mar 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
The Zampa law calls for a series of measures - following lobbying efforts and release of UNICEF’s “Child Alert: A Deadly Journey for Children” – to protect the most vulnerable.
13 Jan 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
Some 25,800 unaccompanied or separated children arrived in Italy by sea in 2016 - more than double the 12,360 who arrived during the previous year.
23 Dec 2016 description
Around 100 people are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea on 22 December. These latest tragedies bring the number of casualties in the Mediterranean this year to over 5,000. This is the worst annual death toll ever.
03 Nov 2016 description
report The Guardian
Scores of people have died after two migrant boats sunk off Libya, according to survivors’ accounts given to the United Nations.
03 Nov 2016 description
Amnesty has found that a host of abuses are taking place in Italy, including excessive use of force by police, arbitrary detention and collective expulsions.
29 May 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund
16,478 refugee and migrant children have arrived by sea in Italy in 2015 and more than 5,000 have entered the country already this year.
20 Apr 2016 description
If confirmed, as many as 500 people may have lost their lives when a large ship went down in the Mediterranean Sea at an unknown location between Libya and Italy.
28 Apr 2015 description
Through the first four months of 2014, Italy’s Ministry of the Interior reported 26,644 migrant arrivals. By 27 April this year, IOM counted 25,703 and expects 2014's total to be surpassed.