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12 Jan 2018 description
By the end of 2017, IOM, the UN Migration Agency, identified 3.2 million people who have returned back to their place of origin, while a staggering 2.6 million remained displaced.
10 Jan 2018 description
In Iraq, "you never know what will happen the next day, hour or minute. Many hospitals don’t have the resources to cope with these situations and this is where MSF comes in."
08 Jan 2018 description
The strategy focuses on delivering aid to the Iraqi people and facilitating the stabilisation of areas liberated from Da'esh, with three million displaced Iraqis still unable to return home.
03 Dec 2017 description
According to UNAMI, 117 Iraqi civilians were killed and another 264 injured in violent acts in the month of November. Baghdad remains the most affected Governorate, with 201 civilian casualties.
28 Nov 2017 description
Although these newly accessible areas are still security compromised, WHO saw urgency in delivering health care to thousands of people that had been cut off from aid for more than 3 years.
23 Nov 2017 description
The ICU is the only one of its kind in Mosul. It’s only a small unit with four beds, but it’s the only chance a severely unwell patient has to survive. If it didn’t exist, patients with severe health issues would die.
15 Nov 2017 description
The health supplies, sufficient for 200 surgical operations, have been prepositioned at the Emergency Hospital in Sulaymaniyah governorate, in northern Iraq.
08 Nov 2017 description
ECHO’s support will help improve access to first-line emergency health care and referral services, and ensure timely response to potential disease outbreaks.
03 Nov 2017 description
21,600 people have reportedly returned to Zummar last week. They had no information on the condition of their property, basic services available in the area, or livelihood opportunities.
02 Nov 2017 description
UN report covers the period of the Ninewa military operations conducted by Iraqi Security Forces and affiliated armed groups, which lasted from 17 October 2016 to 10 July 2017.
02 Nov 2017 description
More than 100,000 households will benefit from additional help over the next four months. A large part will be cash-based, allowing families to decide what their most urgent needs are.
01 Nov 2017 description
Across Iraq, conflict has taken its toll on education. Temporary schools were created in caravans, without electricity, cooling systems, or heat insulation. Now rebuilding has begun.
26 Oct 2017 description
Over 10,000 people have arrived to displacement camps close to Ramadi, Anbar province, since the beginning of October, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council.
21 Oct 2017 description
During the past week, well over 100,000 civilians fled from Kirkuk and other disputed areas. Agencies are reaching highly vulnerable families with emergency assistance on a daily basis.
17 Oct 2017 description
The destruction of infrastructure means returning families, particularly in west Mosul, end up living in partially or totally ruined homes, with almost no access to clean water, electricity or medical care.
16 Oct 2017 description
People arriving at so-called entry points around 15 miles north and 25 miles east of Hawijah’s center are in urgent need of shelter, medical care and food. Daquq camp is currently the only camp receiving people.
15 Oct 2017 description
More than half of the affected population lost their civil documents, making the rebuilding of their lives a challenge. Many said lack of livelihoods was the main reason against returning.
14 Oct 2017 description
The Government, over 30 UN agencies and NGOs are providing assistance to communities in the northern, southern and western sectors of the Nineveh Plains a year after they were retaken.
12 Oct 2017 description
MSF teams in the different Kirkuk locations have provided 3,201 medical consultations for people arriving from Hawijah. All the people treated were suffering from blast injuries due to airstrikes and landmines.
12 Oct 2017 description
One year on from the start of the battle for Mosul, 673,000 Muslawis are still displaced; 274,000 are living in camps and emergency sites and 400,000 are staying with family, friends or in rented accommodation.