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17 Oct 2017 description
Inequalities in sexual and reproductive health and rights, while often given limited attention, have implications that extend from individual to national level, warns UNFPA in their flagship report.
25 Sep 2017 description
The situation has significantly deteriorated under Russian occupation, with “multiple and grave violations” committed by Russian state agents, according to the UN human rights office.
15 Sep 2017 description
This year’s "The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World" warns that the long-term declining trend in undernourishment seems to have come to a halt and may have even reversed.
22 Jun 2017 description
In 2016, 31.1 million people were displaced by conflict and violence within their own borders. This brings the number of conflict-led IDPs to 40.3 million, while millions more were displaced by natural disasters.
13 Jun 2017 description
Parties to the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine have repeatedly failed to implement ceasefire agreements, allowing hostilities to escalate and claim more lives.
07 Jun 2017 description
report International Alert
The study noted that around three quarters of people who required mental healthcare did not receive it, mainly due to a high cost of mental healthcare and medicine.
20 Mar 2017 description
More than 20 million people in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen are experiencing famine or at risk of famine over the coming six months.
15 Feb 2017 description
Nearly three years after the start of the conflict, the security situation in eastern Ukraine remains tense. About 3.1 million people need help, and across Ukraine people continue to experience the consequences of conflict.
06 Feb 2017 description
After nearly three years of conflict, more than 740 schools have been damaged or destroyed, resulting in children missing months of schooling due to displacement and the effects of conflict.
01 Nov 2016 description
Some of the highest rates of impunity in the murders of journalists can be attributed to killings by Islamist militant groups, CPJ found. The worst country for the second year in a row is Somalia.
12 Oct 2016 description
While fighting continues in hotspots, its intensity decreased as parties to the conflict made renewed commitments to respect the two-year-old ceasefire agreement
15 Sep 2016 description
The UN report describes more civilian casualties and the deterioration of the human rights situation in eastern Ukraine, as a result of escalating hostilities between June and August.
09 May 2016 description
report UN General Assembly
A new report from the UN calls for strengthening the international systems that manage large movements of people so that they uphold human rights norms and provide the necessary protection.
07 May 2016 description
report UN General Assembly
New report from the United Nations Secretary-General warns that major gains in the fight against the AIDS epidemic could be lost if action does not accelerate over the next five years.
09 Mar 2016 description
report Council of Europe
For the first time since the beginning of the refugee crisis in Europe, women and children on the move outnumber adult men. This also means more women and children risk and lose their lives.
03 Mar 2016 description
Although the number of casualties in the east has decreased, a new UN report shows the conflict is severely impacting on the daily life of civilians experiencing growing isolation and despair.
25 Jan 2016 description
Since the food security situation is expected to worsen during the cold winter months from January to April, WFP aims to provide families with food assistance through this critical time.
21 Jan 2016 description
More than 120 humanitarian organizations and UN agencies urge the world to raise their voices and call for an end to the Syria crisis and to the suffering endured by millions of civilians.
03 Dec 2015 description
Among those displaced by conflict or uprooted by disaster are tens of millions of women and adolescent girls. The State of World Population 2015 is a call to action to meet their needs and ensure their rights.
24 Sep 2015 description
The suspension of almost all aid programmes in Luhansk and Donetsk is putting lives at risk and preventing the most vulnerable from accessing basic services, said Stephen O'Brien.