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24 Jul 2017 description
Most of the children in Italy were lone boys from West and Horn of Africa who made the decision to migrate individually, while 91% of children in Greece arrived with their family.
18 Jul 2017 description
New report estimates 6.9 million Syrians are still food insecure while another 5.6 million people are likely to become food insecure without the regular food assistance they receive every month.
27 Jun 2017 description
After two consecutive poor harvests, increased supply has lowered prices to pre-2015-flood levels, reducing the prevalence of negative coping strategies.
22 Jun 2017 description
Rice production is expected to drop by nearly 40 percent in 2017 and some 900,000 people are food insecure. Assisting farmers is critical to halt the growing food insecurity.
16 May 2017 description
Lack of support in finding relevant solutions for IDPs and returnees hinders their integration and creates dependencies on Government and aid organizations’ assistance, says IOM.
08 Mar 2017 description
A new assessment recommends adopting a multi-stakeholder approach, assessing funding strategies, and data collaboration with NGOs and other non-state actors.
09 Feb 2017 description
Over 6.2 million people across Somalia need assistance, with 3.3 million people in acute food insecurity and over 363,000 malnourished children needing urgent treatment and nutrition support.
01 Jan 2017 description
report REACH Initiative
In line with findings from the REACH April 2016 assessment, needs remain highest in recently retaken areas which experienced significant infrastructural damage such as Falluja and Ramadi.
16 Dec 2016 description
The crisis in Syria is well into its sixth year, and Lebanon continues to host over one million Syrian refugees. Families have exhausted their limited resources, and are having to adapt to survive on the bare minimum.
17 Nov 2016 description
Two out of five Somalis are already acutely food insecure and prospects for the Deyr season cereal production are bleak, with crop failure expected in many areas, says UN OCHA.
24 Oct 2016 description
About one-quarter of the expected total 2016 cereal crop is estimated to have been lost because of Hurricane Matthew. Cereal import requirements are expected to reach their highest level since 2010.
06 Sep 2016 description
This survey, the first of its kind, measured perceptions of the use of drones in humanitarian action. FSD undertook the survey between 15 November 2015 and 15 January 2016.
26 Aug 2016 description
Two per cent are severely food insecure. The level of food insecurity, however, is considerably less than that seen in the drought-affected rural areas assessed by WFP in December 2015.
23 Jun 2016 description
The report analyses data from 50,706 vulnerable displaced households comprised of 327,379 individuals, to give a comprehensive assessment of the protection environment.
05 Apr 2016 description
Civil strife and unfavourable rains have further reduced crop production in South Sudan, aggravating the already severe food shortages, FAO and WFP warn in a new assessment.
18 Mar 2016 description
IOM continues to advocate for the presence of counter-trafficking specialists at key transit points, reception centres and registration sites as well as for awareness-raising among vulnerable populations.
17 Mar 2016 description
More than seven months after Cyclone Komen struck Myanmar, people in Chin and Rakhine states are still suffering, which highlights their vulnerability to withstand future similar emergencies.
15 Mar 2016 description
report Oxfam
All the islands have critical shortages of fresh water despite the return of rain in late 2015. Staple foods dried up and the majority of people are now surviving on famine foods.
01 Mar 2016 description
Three years of conflict and ongoing displacements continue to disrupt agriculture and severely constrain people’s access to food, two UN agencies warned today.
07 Dec 2015 description
Skipping meals, migrating to find work, borrowing, killing livestock for lack of feed, planting less for lack of seed and fertilizer are some of the coping strategies of 230,000 families struggling in the conflict areas of eastern Ukraine.