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19 Jan 2018 description
El Equipo Humanitario, sin capacidad para alcanzar los 4.9 millones de personas con necesidades humanitarias, se focalizará en los grupos más vulnerables en las zonas más afectadas del país.
19 Jan 2018 description
Plus de 600,000 personnes étaient déplacées internes au mois de novembre 2017 et plus de 500,000 réfugiées dans les pays voisins.
15 Jan 2018 description
The humanitarian response strategy for the period 2018-2020 will aim to move beyond single year operational planning, and to adopt a longer term planning lens.
08 Jan 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
The country continues to suffer the impacts of refugees from neighbouring countries and the internal conflict between the Government and militias in the Pool Department.
04 Jan 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
An estimated 482,882 children require treatment for acute malnutrition, including 104,614 who are suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM), says UNICEF.
02 Jan 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
Funds will be used to address the WASH, nutrition, health, education, child protection, C4D and emergency cash needs of children and their families affected by disasters in 2018.
19 Dec 2017 description
The extent of the growing humanitarian needs underlines the urgent requirement for investment in longer-term efforts to build Somalia’s structural resilience to climatic and humanitarian shocks.
12 Dec 2017 description
As the conflict enters its fifth year in 2018, the humanitarian crisis has continued to intensify and expand due the widespread violence and the deteriorating economic situation.
12 Dec 2017 description
The plan aims to bring together the vital efforts of some 270 humanitarian and development partners, in support of national efforts, to ensure refugees and host communities receive the support they desperately need.
04 Dec 2017 description
After four years of conflict, peoples’ savings and reserves are exhausted, and those in most need are being forced to stretch already limited resources or simply to go without.
02 Dec 2017 description
Afghanistan continues to face immense humanitarian, social and political challenges. Conflict strikes larger parts of the country; 3.3 million people now need humanitarian assistance.
15 Nov 2017 description
The Global Appeal 2018-2019 lays out the financial resources that will be required for UNHCR’s programmes to protect and improve the lives of 68 million people of concern.
05 Nov 2017 description
Refugee returns are taking place against a backdrop of very challenging conditions. UN and humanitarian partners request 15.4 M USD to reach 303,000 most vulnerable people.
23 Oct 2017 description
The response will combine emergency support to small holder agriculture as well as small scale livelihoods starter kits to build resilience of IDPs, returnees and host communities.
10 Oct 2017 description
Overcrowding and the lack of basic amenities have increased the risk of outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases as well as cholera and other water- and vector-borne diseases.
03 Oct 2017 description
The plan targets all Rohingya refugees and 300,000 Bangladeshi host communities, focusing on the provision of life-saving assistance, improving settlement areas, and promoting protection.
03 Oct 2017 description
IOM is appealing for US$2.2 million to provide emergency shelter, roofing kits, and support to more than 3000 people staying in collective centres across the island.
29 Sep 2017 description
Food and water are the most urgent needs. The hurricane caused widespread damage to the power grid, and the majority of roads are blocked with debris.
28 Sep 2017 description
The US$245 million Regional Winter Assistance Plan is only 26 percent funded, with the majority of the country operations severely underfunded.
19 Sep 2017 description
Preliminary estimates indicate that more than 210,000 homes have been severely affected to date. About 3.1 million people have experienced an impact on their water supply.