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02 Sep 2015 description
The Atlas has dozens of West Bank and Gaza Strip maps, featuring Palestinian cities, towns and communities, Israeli settlements, physical barriers impeding the movement of people, and roads.
19 May 2015 description
Heavy rains affected western Colombia over the last few days, causing river overflow and landslides, in Antioquia. Water and sanitation services have been cut affecting about 18,000 people.
22 Apr 2015 description
About 90 national and international humanitarian agencies continue to deliver critical life-saving assistance inside the country, mostly through national staff.
10 Apr 2015 description
In Malawi, a total of 329 cases have been confirmed since the outbreak began 8 weeks ago, with half recorded in the past two weeks. Mozambique registered 372 new cases this week.
06 Mar 2015 description
In the last days, 182 districts in 20 provinces have been affected by floods, heavy snow and avalanches. More than 4,776 houses have been completely destroyed.
19 Feb 2015 description
Cholera continues to be a serious concern, with five cases confirmed on 13 February and three suspected. The Health Cluster has mobilized capacity and is monitoring the situation.
22 Jan 2015 description
More than 20,000 people have been verified as newly displaced, and almost 50,000 additional people have been reported but not yet verified as displaced.
18 Jan 2015 description
Chedza made landfall as a tropical storm and weakened into a tropical depression as it crossed the island. Preliminary information indicates that 4,500 people have been displaced.
15 Jan 2015 description
A tropical cyclone is expected to make landfall on Madagascar on 16 Jan. At the same time, Tropical Cyclone Bansi is heading towards Rodrigues, an autonomous outer island of the Republic of Mauritius.
13 Jan 2015 description
Almost 100,000 people have been affected in Mozambique and Malawi, while Tropical Cyclone Bansi is expected to cause heavy rains and strong winds in Mauritius.
25 Sep 2014 description
Heavy rain has affected north-eastern India, in particular the states of Assam and Meghalaya. People are sheltering in 227 relief camps. Many areas remain inaccessible.
28 Aug 2014 description
Following a series of attacks by Boko Haram, people are fleeing south in search of security and assistance. In the last 48 hours, Boko Haram has intensified its raids in Cameroonian territory.
15 Aug 2014 description
The Atlas was designed at the neighborhood level to provide higher level of detail to support operational organizations to conduct needs assessments and programming. It maps the location of shelters, health and education facilities in addition to other baseline information.
27 Jun 2014 description
Insecurity in North Waziristan Agency has led to the displacement of nearly 46,000 people to surrounding districts in Afghanistan's Paktika and Khost provinces
05 Feb 2014 description
Since the beginning of the rainy season, 37,600 families have been affected and 31 people killed in across Bolivia. In Peru's Madre de Dios department 3,000 people have lost their houses.
29 Jan 2014 description
Floods and landslides have been reported in several parts of the country. Since the beginning of the rainy season in October, 44 people have died and more than 25 per cent of municipalities have been affected.
28 Jan 2014 description
Heavy rains over central Tanzania caused flooding in the districts of Kilosa, Mvomero and Gairo, damaging houses, infrastructure, farms and food stocks.
15 Oct 2013 description
11 NGOs conducted an assessment through 296 key informant interviews in 296 villages from 30 September to 4 October to determine humanitarian needs in the affected areas.
24 Sep 2013 description
A new map highlights the path of Typhoon Usagi, the effects of a tropical depression on Viet Nam, Cambodia and Lao, overflowing rivers in Myanmar and Thailand and a hail storm in Papua New Guinea.
20 Sep 2013 description
Aid organizations face access challenges in attempts to reach people in some affected areas, due to limited road infrastructure and lack of logistics capacity.