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23 Jul 2018 description
Armed clashes and insecurity in Myanmar's Shan State have displaced more than 2,800 people since 9 July in Namtu, Mongkaing, and Namhkan townships.
14 Mar 2018 description
In addition to an analysis of disaster impact on the subsectors of fisheries, aquaculture and forestry, the report reveals a methodology for evaluating damage and loss.
10 Oct 2017 description
Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2017 shows that the greatest impacts of disasters are in countries which have the least capacity to prepare or respond to these events.
22 Feb 2017 description
Mankind's ability to feed itself is in jeopardy due to intensifying pressures on natural resources, mounting inequality, and the fallout from a changing climate, warns a FAO report.
29 Aug 2016 description
A 6.8 earthquake hit central Myanmar, killing 3 people amd damaging buildings, while monsoon flooding across 11 states has affected almost 500,000 people.
11 Jul 2016 description
A total of 449,000 people in China were affected by Typhoon Nepartak, including some 203,000 people in 10 cities. At least 7,500 families have been affected in the Philippines.
04 Jul 2016 description
At least 14 deaths have been recorded and some 20 people are reported missing, with 120,000 people temporarily relocated due to the recent flooding in China.
23 Feb 2016 description
The weekly Global Overview aggregates information from a range of sources and provides the latest updates on and a ranking of current humanitarian crises.
11 Feb 2016 description
The hottest year on record, 2015, has confirmed that weather and climate-related disasters now dominate disaster trends linked to natural hazards, according to a new analysis.
23 Nov 2015 description
Myanmar clashes continue, causing both new and secondary displacement of civilians. In Sri Lanka, almost 113,000 people are affected by heavy rains.
06 Nov 2015 description
The last major event in 1997-1998 resulted in significant health impacts across multiple WHO regions, including the Pacific, Central and South America, and across Africa.
28 Sep 2015 description
Tropical Cyclone Dujuan is scheduled to make landfall in China on 29 September. In Fiji 67 000 people have been affected by the country’s El Niño-related drought.
20 Jul 2015 description
Flooding in Aceh Jaya District of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province on 15 July left over 7,900 houses inundated and 25,750 people affected, including almost 2,300 displaced.
11 Jul 2014 description
The Atlas of Mortality and Economic Losses from Weather, Climate and Water Extremes describes the distribution and impacts of disasters and highlights measures to increase resilience.
21 May 2014 description
The lack of precipitation led to droughts, water shortages, forest fires and access constraints due to low river water levels.
11 Feb 2014 description
Since October they have left 40 people dead and caused US$5 million in losses for the livestock sector of the Beni region. Authorities have distributed close to US$1.4 million in assistance.
19 Sep 2013 description
Fewer people were killed by disasters in 2012 (9,655) compared to 2011 (31,331) and to the 2002-2011 annual average. The number of people killed is also the lowest since 2009.