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22 Jun 2015 description
The 2014 - 2015 cyclone season has been one of the most active in terms of the number and intensity of cyclones, as well as the length of season.
17 Jun 2014 description
More than one thousand people are still living in the evacuation centers after April's flash floods. Some people say they will not leave until the government comes through with its promise to resettle them.
10 Jun 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF continues to support the Government with WASH cluster coordination through sanitation rehabilitation, health services and an emergency feeding program in schools.
26 May 2014 description
Following April's severe flooding in the Solomon Islands, the government is now encouraging evacuees to return home as humanitarian action shifts its focus to early recovery.
22 May 2014 description
There is no official government decision on land entitlements for people whose homes were destroyed by the floods. The delay is frustrating evacuee rights groups.
19 May 2014 description
Drinking water remains a concern for an estimated 50 per cent of the 50,000 people affected by the severe floods in April; MoH is investigating the diarrhoea-related deaths of four children from Guadalcanal.
16 May 2014 description
The Philippines government reports that the numbers of IDPs from the floods is still fluctuating with a total of 4,477 people in 10 evacuation centres as of 12 May. The total damage and losses are estimated at around US$108 million.
09 May 2014 description
So far, only $2 million have been received. Priority areas over the next three months include health, WASH, shelter, protection and food security.
07 May 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund
Provision of food, water, health and other services is ongoing in the remaining evacuation centres. Equitable solutions are being explored for the approximately 4,000 remaining displaced persons
05 May 2014 description
There are increases in diarrhea cases across Honiara and Guadalcanal Province as well as increases in the number of cases of influenza-like-illness and malaria in GP only.
22 Apr 2014 description
IFRC will launch an emergency appeal, as it is clear more support is urgently needed to help prevent the spread of waterborne disease and assist people to rebuild their damaged homes.
21 Apr 2014 description
Five earthquakes over 6.0 magnitude have been recorded, including a magnitude 7.8 on 19 April that struck off Panguna on Bougainville Island. No major damage has been reported.
18 Apr 2014 description
The Government is encouraging voluntary returns from evacuation centres, but planning is needed to manage the process as there are concerns tensions will rise if evacuees are forcibly removed or food relief is withheld.
15 Apr 2014 description
More than 9,000 people remain displaced in Honiara, and 50,000 more are affected, 12 days after severe flooding devastated Honiara and greater Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.
15 Apr 2014 description
Health priorities include access to safe water and sanitation facilities, nutrition and food safety, maternal and child health services, and mental health and psychosocial support.
13 Apr 2014 description
The government is fast-tracking food and water relief to affected communities and developing a three-month humanitarian action plan with partners to establish a coherent response.
12 Apr 2014 description
Nine days after devastating flash-flooding, there are still 50,000 to 60,000 people homeless - most without shelter and fresh water.
10 Apr 2014 description
Aid agencies report that pre-positioned stocks are nearly exhausted and there are not enough supplies for all affected people. A draft response plan is being developed.
09 Apr 2014 description
report Save the Children
Nine school buildings in the capital Honiara are being used as evacuation centres, while many others have been badly damaged, with floodwaters drenching carpets, smashing windows and destroying learning materials.
08 Apr 2014 description
Flash flooding in the Solomon Islands has left 23 people dead and many more still missing. Heavy rainfall in China has also caused 14 deaths and massive evacuations.