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19 Mar 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
The effects of El Niño continue to affect the country, with Cyclone Dineo further compounding the effect on agricultural harvesting. The nutrition situation is expected to remain poor until July.
06 Mar 2017 description
Concern Worldwide, Oxfam, Save the Children and CARE, supporting the Government of Mozambique, appeal for $10.2 million to support 150,000 people with lifesaving assistance.
01 Mar 2017 description
According to the UN Country team, $10.2 million is required to reach 150,000 people with life-saving assistance and protection over the next three months.
13 Jun 2013 description
Even as the flood season draws to a close, poor distribution of rainfall in most countries may result in below average rainfall-related crop performance this season.
02 May 2013 description
Three-month strategy involving all clusters is designed to contribute to strengthening the livelihoods and the resilience of thousands affected by January floods.
20 Mar 2013 description
Forty per cent of the population in flooded areas will require food assistance for the next three months. 13,000 households need seeds and tools to be able to plant for the second harvest to avoid long term food insecurity.
19 Mar 2013 description
Six weeks after the floods, thousands of people continue to live in makeshifts without adequate assistance as relief agencies are leaving the camps to rebuilding activities.
08 Mar 2013 description
report Inter Press Service
The destruction wrought by the floods is stark proof of the country’s failing infrastructure and neglected dams. Experts have called for a national discussion on water management.
15 Feb 2013 description
A storm system has formed in the Mozambique Channel, which has the potential of causing heavy rains across much of central and northern Mozambique, exacerbating flood conditions.
08 Feb 2013 description
The number of affected people could increase, as some areas are still isolated and assessments are ongoing and a low pressure system has the potential to cause more intense rains.
08 Feb 2013 description
Government resources are limited and levels of relief stocks low while more rain and flooding are expected until the flood and cyclone season ends in April. OCHA's latest situation report provides updates on the affected countries.
03 Feb 2013 description
Coordination activities have been reinforced by the Government with the set-up of a mobile emergency operations center in Xai-Xai, capital of the Gaza Province. Health and sanitation concerns are emerging in flood-affected districts where water levels are receding; proper clean-up and restoration of basic health services are a priority.
01 Feb 2013 description
“Basic needs are being met, such as food, water, and shelter, despite very difficult conditions in many areas of the flooding,” says United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator Jennifer Topping at the end of her visit on Wednesday to Chiaquelane camp in Gaza Province, where about 70,000 have sought refuge from the flooding of the Limpopo River.
30 Jan 2013 description
Overcrowding in the camps, poor access to safe water, sanitation and healthcare may predispose the population to outbreaks of malaria, diarrhoea and cholera
29 Jan 2013 description
The region enters the critical period of the rainfall season, and high river levels across the region indicate that more flooding can be expected.
24 Jan 2013 description
A considerable number of houses, social infrastructure, access roads and bridges in Mozambique's southern Gaza province were damaged or blocked by flooding. Basic services such as banks, shops, schools and hospitals are closed. So far, almost 50,000 people have been affected.
23 Jan 2013 description
Significantly above-average precipitation during the last three weeks has resulted in numerous floods, damage to infrastructure, and displacement
22 Jan 2013 description
report IRIN
In Mozambique, nearly 20,000 people throughout the country have been affected by heavy rains. Almost 6,000 people have been displaced, the majority of them in the capital, Maputo.