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04 May 2018 description
The scale of the refugee crisis has placed significant pressure on host communities as people are competing for already scarce natural resources, food, fuel and work.
03 May 2018 description
Water sources have been contaminated and 33 health centres have been destroyed along with homes, crops, irrigation systems and farm equipment, and roads and train lines.
02 May 2018 description
report Save the Children
Catastrophic flash flooding has forced 175,000 people out of their homes, leaving them more vulnerable to malnutrition and diseases such as AWD and cholera.
01 May 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF estimates that over 100,000 people, with about 55,000 children, at risk due to floods and landslides and this figure could go up to 200,000 depending on the intensity of rains.
30 Apr 2018 description
report CARE
On 18 April pre-monsoon downpours hit Cox's Bazar, with up to 43 millimeters of rain recorded in the area. The situation may worsen when the rains become severe, around May or July.
27 Apr 2018 description
In Baidoa town alone, about 174,000 people have been affected by flooding. More than half the shelters cannot withstand heavy rains, and many have already been washed away.
25 Apr 2018 description
The floods have disrupted livelihoods, with at least 8,450 acres of farmland submerged and more than 6,000 livestock killed, and destroyed houses and damaged infrastructure.
24 Apr 2018 description
At least 120,000 people are expected to be at grave risk of landslides and floods when the monsoon hits the steep sandy slopes of the Cox’s Bazar settlements, where almost a million Rohingya live.
23 Apr 2018 description
Five hundred people from the Rakhine community have volunteered to be trained to reduce risks and save lives in the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society’s cyclone preparedness programme.
22 Apr 2018 description
The above-average Gu rains in April are worsening conditions in overcrowded IDP settlements. In Jubaland, an estimated 28,200 people have been displaced by flash flooding.
20 Apr 2018 description
report Save the Children
Many refugees were forced to shelter in schools in Dadaab while at least 750 homes were swept away and an estimated 4,500 people have been displaced in Mandera county.
20 Apr 2018 description
The damage caused by this week’s early rains highlights the desperate need for more funding. The cost of protecting almost a million refugees far exceeds financial resources and pledges.
31 Mar 2018 description
In northern regions, though, little to no rainfall was received in March and below-average rainfall is still forecast throughout the April to June season.
29 Mar 2018 description
The Bangladeshi government, UNHCR and its partners are taking urgent steps to avert a catastrophe by protecting some 100,000 people deemed at greatest risk of flooding and landslides.
14 Mar 2018 description
In addition to an analysis of disaster impact on the subsectors of fisheries, aquaculture and forestry, the report reveals a methodology for evaluating damage and loss.
12 Feb 2018 description
Tropical Cyclone Gita passed Samoa on 10 February with damage and localized flooding reported. More than 80,000 people in Tonga are currently expected to be impacted by the cyclone.
22 Jan 2018 description
report CARE
CARE report "Suffering in Silence" highlights humanitarian crises around the world that rarely made the news: North Korea, Eritrea and Burundi were the least covered by media.
25 Dec 2017 description
Tropical Cyclone Tembin triggered floods and landslides that have killed about 200 people, with scores still missing and thousands more homeless.
23 Dec 2017 description
Latest information indicates that Tembin has caused dozens – potentially hundreds – of fatalities, damaged thousands of houses, and washed away vast amounts of livelihoods.
15 Dec 2017 description
In the Gaza Strip, another winter season brings with it the threat of temporary displacement, property losses and health risks due to flooding and poor housing conditions.