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25 Jun 2018 description
CERF funding enabled 12 UN agencies together with 589 partners to provide life-saving assistance in 2016 and 2017 to 22.5 million people in humanitarian emergencies in 47 countries.
10 Mar 2016 description
According to a new report by ESCAP, the region accounted for over half the world’s 344 disasters in 2015, resulting in over 16,000 deaths with 59 million people affected.
23 Mar 2015 description
The study reveals that in general the interventions contributed to fairly positive change in household well-being, but found a more mixed result for livelihoods.
26 Feb 2015 description
Observations to date suggest that without sufficient planning and safeguards, government-led resettlement is a highly risky undertaking.
25 Nov 2014 description
report CDAC Network
The report examines initiatives aimed at improving communication with disaster affected communities, and the coordination of these initiatives during the response in the Philippines.
07 Nov 2014 description
Many older people said that joining in HelpAge activities made them realise how they could contribute, helping them to feel part of society again. The typhoon affected 1.27 million people over the age of 60.
22 Oct 2014 description
A new study highlights that despite efforts to include local and national actors in the Haiyan response, it remained largely internationally led, coordinated and implemented.
01 Oct 2014 description
A guide explains the rationale behind the creation of the Humanitarian Communications Unit and how timely contextualized information reaches communities affected by disaster.
03 Jul 2014 description
report ALNAP
A new paper presents lessons learned from flood responses in developing countries. It is intended for people working in relief and recovery operations who have to decide if, when and how to intervene after a flood.
30 May 2014 description
New ACAPS technical note assesses the logic and scope of composite measures (also called prioritisation matrices), which are increasingly used in crisis assessments.
09 May 2014 description
The report found that current satellite imagery does not allow for the detailed analysis required for damage assessments in humanitarian contexts, and provides recommendations for improvements.
02 Aug 2013 description
report Save the Children
The Philippines has taken great strides in recent years in improving its disaster management capacity. It provides a case study of the challenges faced by governments throughout the region.
14 Jun 2013 description
Three workshops were conducted to elicit the views of those responding to the emergency and community consultations also took place separately to garner feedback from people directly affected.
31 Dec 2012 description
The UN in Haiti is strongly committed to “accompagnement” of Haiti in its aspirations for greater autonomy, stronger governance, development and reduction in the vulnerability of the majority living in poverty