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24 May 2018 description
The total number of people in the affected districts is 6.2 million, of which 1.1 million are noted to be in IPC 3 and 4 and 1.628 million - 26% - had already been displaced prior to the flooding.
03 Oct 2017 description
The plan targets all Rohingya refugees and 300,000 Bangladeshi host communities, focusing on the provision of life-saving assistance, improving settlement areas, and promoting protection.
01 Mar 2017 description
According to the UN Country team, $10.2 million is required to reach 150,000 people with life-saving assistance and protection over the next three months.
29 Dec 2016 description
IFRC has launched a USD 1.56 million appeal to assist more than 20,000 people affected by Typhoon Nock-Ten which struck the Philippines on December 25th.
26 Aug 2016 description
This update of the “Call for Aid” seeks to mobilize further response to avert a deterioration of the situation due to prolonged effects of drought in most affected areas.
15 Jan 2016 description
The strongest El Niño weather episode in the last several decades has caused repeated crop failure, decimated livestock herds and driven some 10.2 million people across Ethiopia into food insecurity, FAO said today.
07 Oct 2015 description
report Government of Kenya
Community Preparedness will be enhanced through early warning messages via county level coordination forums, government authorities and other partners operating in disaster affected areas.
29 Sep 2015 description
It is foreseen that Somalia could experience flooding in southern and central regions and Puntland, as well as exacerbated drought conditions in Somaliland as early as end of September 2015 to December 2015.
11 Jul 2014 description
It is anticipated that the displaced persons will remain in temporary shelters at least until the end of the year. A new IFRC appeal aims to assist 22,500 people for 12 months.
13 Jun 2014 description
Six months into the conflict, around 1.5 million people have been uprooted from their homes and over seven million people are at risk of hunger and disease.
02 Mar 2014 description
Humanitarian Country Team launches gap-filling action plan as current relief activities phasing out by the end of May and government long-term recovery support has not been rolled out yet.
16 Dec 2013 description
To respond to humanitarian emergencies around the world in 2014, $12.9 billion is needed to help 52 million people. A record $6.5 billion is required for Syria operations.
04 Dec 2013 description
UNHCR aims to assist more than 300,000 beneficiaries with shelter and non-food items, and provide protection services in affected communities.
09 Oct 2013 description
The mid-year review of the 2013 humanitarian appeal highlights $57 million in unmet funding as the number of food insecure people exceeds projections.
15 Aug 2013 description
As at 15 June 2013, programmes being implemented by UN agencies remain drastically underfunded. A total $150 million is needed for 2013, of which only 21.2 per cent has been received.
09 Jul 2013 description
The funding requirements of this year's humanitarian action plan have increased, especially for food security and preparedness and response to the hurricane season.
01 Jul 2013 description
Increased conflict, seasonal flooding and earthquakes were the main drivers of the humanitarian response for the first six months of the year, as security risks for the aid community remain high.
25 Jun 2013 description
With a deficit of $47 million, the revised plan seeks to address the humanitarian and early recovery needs of the communities affected by Typhoon Bopha in eastern Mindanao.
02 May 2013 description
Three-month strategy involving all clusters is designed to contribute to strengthening the livelihoods and the resilience of thousands affected by January floods.
08 Feb 2013 description
The number of affected people could increase, as some areas are still isolated and assessments are ongoing and a low pressure system has the potential to cause more intense rains.