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08 Jan 2018 description
Since 1 January, more than 1,000 people have been displaced from Nangarhar to Kabul. Military operations in Kapisa reportedly also displaced 2,000 people within the province.
26 Dec 2017 description
In Bangladesh, as of 18 December, health partners reported 1,841 suspected cases of diphtheria among the Rohingya refugees, with 22 deaths recorded.
27 Nov 2017 description
As of 26 November, about 360,600 people were displaced by conflict in Afghanistan, 16,650 more compared to the previous week.
21 Nov 2017 description
The estimates of natural disaster economic damages (US$ 154 billion) place last year as the fifth costliest since 2006, 12% above the 2006-2015 annual average.
02 Oct 2017 description
Ambae Island’s entire population of more than 11,000 people prepare to evacuate their homes as Manaro volcano continues to rumble, belch ash, smoke and volcanic rocks.
22 May 2017 description
The Torres Group of Islands in Vanuatu was the worst affected by TC Donna. Assessments indicate there is sufficient food for two to three weeks, while shelter support is needed in Hiu Island.
04 May 2017 description
The disaster-prone region experienced situations ranging from natural disasters to the spread of dengue and Zika, with more than 3.5 million lives at risk from drought in Central America.
06 Apr 2017 description
A new publication focuses on five priority Asian countries that are highly vulnerable to large-scale natural disasters: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, and the Philippines.
06 Feb 2017 description
As of 6 February, about 178,000 people in north-eastern Mindanao remain displaced by flooding caused by a series of weather systems that since 8 January have brought heavy rains to the Philippines.
23 Jan 2017 description
An estimated 644,000 people have been affected by drought and saltwater intrusion across 8 provinces in Sri Lanka, while flash floods in northern Mindanao have displaced over 63,000.
03 Jan 2017 description
Between 29 December and 2 January, flooding in the provinces of West Java, Aceh, Central Java and East Java left thousands of homes under water for two to three days.
29 Aug 2016 description
A 6.8 earthquake hit central Myanmar, killing 3 people amd damaging buildings, while monsoon flooding across 11 states has affected almost 500,000 people.
08 Aug 2016 description
In Myanmar, nearly 360,000 people have been displaced by seasonal monsoon flooding. In the Philippines, 8,300 people are displaced following Tropical Storm Nida.
23 May 2016 description
The Sri Lankan Government is leading the response supported by civil society, private organizations, NGOs and UN agencies who are providing relief items from existing in-country stocks.
16 May 2016 description
Rains and unseasonal snow in Mongolia continue to hit vulnerable herders due to additional livestock deaths, despite the official government declaration that the dzud is over.
11 Apr 2016 description
Prolonged dry weather has triggered drought conditions across India and Sri Lanka. In Fiji, Cyclone Zena caused widespread flooding increasing the risk of water-borne diseases.
25 Jan 2016 description
In the Philippines, lack of rainfall caused by El Niño strains agriculture and water access in Zamboanga City. In Indonesia, floods and landslides have inundated at least 4,900 houses.
28 Dec 2015 description
As of 24 Dec, over 287,000 people in the Philippines are receiving assistance. Localized whirlwinds have damaged nearly 90 houses in Indonesia.
23 Nov 2015 description
Myanmar clashes continue, causing both new and secondary displacement of civilians. In Sri Lanka, almost 113,000 people are affected by heavy rains.
13 Nov 2015 description
The catastrophe in Colombia 30 years ago saw the introduction in 1989 of the National System for the Prevention of Disasters, which not only embraced improved disaster management but also disaster risk reduction as a policy.