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20 May 2018 description
The appeal falls within a broader appeal made at the start of 2018 for $1.5 billion for the humanitarian needs of more than five million people affected by drought and conflict across the country.
16 May 2018 description
At risk from the fighting is not only the welfare of hundreds of thousands of people and the possibility of mass displacement, but the remarkable progress that both Somaliland and Puntland have made over the years.
15 May 2018 description
This year’s Global Report on Internal Displacement explores why so many countries still struggle despite 20 years of international, regional and national policy efforts and investments.
14 May 2018 description
A huge amount of money could be saved by preventative action. An end to violent conflict – one of the main drivers of hunger – could cut food aid costs by up to 50% a year, says the report.
02 May 2018 description
report Save the Children
Catastrophic flash flooding has forced 175,000 people out of their homes, leaving them more vulnerable to malnutrition and diseases such as AWD and cholera.
30 Apr 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
Currently, nearly 301,000 children under the age of five are acutely malnourished, including 48,000 who are severely malnourished and face death if urgent treatment is not provided.
11 Apr 2018 description
report Save the Children
Research by Save the Children found that 51 teenage girls (out of 1,104 households) had been married off because of the way in which the drought was impacting on their families.
31 Mar 2018 description
In northern regions, though, little to no rainfall was received in March and below-average rainfall is still forecast throughout the April to June season.
23 Mar 2018 description
report UN Security Council
The head of WFP called on the Council to help end war, stressing that the price of programmes to tackle the root causes of hunger is far cheaper than the cost of the current conflict cycle.
22 Mar 2018 description
report WaterAid
More than 60% of humanity live in areas of water stress, where the supply does not meet demand. If water is not managed better, the crises of today will become the catastrophes of tomorrow.
21 Mar 2018 description
Massive livestock deaths due to drought - 60% of herds in some areas - have severely damaged pastoralists' livelihoods. The losses may exacerbate the fragile food security situation, FAO warns.
18 Mar 2018 description
The risk of famine has declined since the beginning of the year due to sustained humanitarian assistance, but thousands remain severely food insecure.
12 Mar 2018 description
WHO, UNICEF, national and local health authorities aim to reach more than 4.7 million children aged from 6 months to 10 years during the overall campaign.
07 Mar 2018 description
Somalia’s partners have committed some $350 million to the humanitarian response for 2018 as an estimated 5.4 million people, including 2.8 million children, need assistance.
06 Mar 2018 description
At the London conference, International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt told global donors that while swift action last year saved thousands of lives, "the job is not yet done".
05 Mar 2018 description
The need for external food assistance in 37 countries – either affected by conflict or adverse climate shocks – remains unchanged compared to the situation three months back.
05 Mar 2018 description
On 6 March, diplomats, donor agencies, the UN and other delegates meet in London for the High-Level Event for the Humanitarian Situation in Somalia. About 5.4 million Somalis need aid this year.
02 Mar 2018 description
High quality and timely data/information on the current status of existing water points, and on the potential of major aquifers for further development, is key to solving the drought crisis.
02 Mar 2018 description
report Oxfam
Humanitarian needs are expected to remain significant, with an estimated 7.4 million people in Ethiopia, 6.2 million in Somalia and 3.4 million in Kenya requiring food aid in the first half of 2018.