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03 Dec 2018 description
After an 18-month long intensive vaccination campaign, the outbreak has been successfully stopped with no international spread, according to experts.
03 Nov 2018 description
The inter-agency aid operation will bring food, sanitation and hygiene supplies, nutrition and health assistance to Rukban. Some 10,000 children will be vaccinated against Measles, Polio and other deadly diseases.
23 Aug 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
More than half a million Rohingya refugee children in southern Bangladesh are being denied the chance of a proper education, and international efforts are urgently needed to prevent them falling prey to despair and frustration, UNICEF said.
23 Jul 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF’s 2018 Humanitarian Action for Children appeal, which seeks to meet the immediate life-saving and longer-term development needs of Rohingya refugees and affected host communities in 2018, is 60 per cent funded.
14 Jun 2018 description
As Bangladesh’s annual wet season has arrived, the UN migration agency is working against the clock to secure infrastructure and strengthen preparedness measures in the refugee camps.
05 Jun 2018 description
Without urgent financial backing, consultations conducted in IOM clinics, supporting refugees and local communities, will soon be halted. The impending monsoon season will most likely create an even bigger demand for health services.
01 May 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF estimates that over 100,000 people, with about 55,000 children, at risk due to floods and landslides and this figure could go up to 200,000 depending on the intensity of rains.
29 Mar 2018 description
With a grossly underfunded health sector grappling to meet the needs of 1.3 million Rohingyas in Cox’s Bazar, the WHO has appealed to the international community.
19 Mar 2018 description
The rainy season is expected to have a serious impact on life-saving services and ongoing aid in Cox’s Bazar, with damage to WASH infrastructure likely to spread water-borne diseases.
16 Mar 2018 description
UN and NGO partners released the 2018 Joint Response Plan, a US$951 million appeal to meet the needs of nearly 900,000 Rohingya refugees and more than 330,000 Bangladeshis.
12 Mar 2018 description
Children under five in 13 governorates to be reached in a joint effort by WHO, UNICEF and the Ministry of Health to ensure that Syria remain polio-free.
20 Feb 2018 description
An estimated 60,000 children are expected to be born in the camps in the next year. Besides newborns, pregnant and young mothers; children, adults and the elderly need basic health services.
13 Feb 2018 description
Filippo Grandi warns that conditions are not yet conducive for voluntary repatriation, and the denial of rights, including the lack of citizenship, must first be addressed.
07 Feb 2018 description
Rohingya refugees carry out household visits, spreading information about hygiene practices and health. They have been trained to spot symptoms of diphtheria, cholera and measles.
28 Jan 2018 description
The campaign is planned to be completed on 8 February. Eighty-one vaccination teams will conduct 1,000 sessions.
25 Jan 2018 description
report Rotary
More than half of the funds will support efforts to end polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where polio remains endemic. Further funding will support efforts to keep 10 vulnerable countries polio-free
22 Jan 2018 description
The volcano spewed a 10km-high ash column on 22 January, with authorities warning of an imminent hazardous eruption, possibly within days. There was moderate to heavy ash fall.
16 Jan 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
The health and safety of the children is likely to be put at even greater risk ahead of upcoming cyclone and monsoon seasons, UNICEF warned.
14 Jan 2018 description
The vaccination of children in the Rohingya camps and nearby areas demonstrates the health sector’s commitment to protecting people, particularly children, against deadly diseases.
11 Jan 2018 description
report United Nations
Approval of an exceptional delivery of humanitarian aid was granted to provide food and winterization relief items to 50,000 people who face increasingly dire circumstances.