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12 Mar 2018 description
Children under five in 13 governorates to be reached in a joint effort by WHO, UNICEF and the Ministry of Health to ensure that Syria remain polio-free.
09 Mar 2018 description
Leer was one of two counties hit by famine in 2017. The situation remains fragile, with about 85% of the population set to reach IPC 3 and 4 food insecurity conditions by end-April.
09 Mar 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
In South Sudan, 91% of all pregnant women deliver at home without a skilled birth attendant. As children and mothers often die without visiting a health facility, only 5% of MNT cases are reported.
06 Mar 2018 description
report Theirworld
Many schools are deserted in abandoned towns and villages around the country. Nearly 19,000 children have been recruited by armed groups, the UN said, although several hundred were released last month.
05 Mar 2018 description
The need for external food assistance in 37 countries – either affected by conflict or adverse climate shocks – remains unchanged compared to the situation three months back.
02 Mar 2018 description
report Oxfam
The links between conflict and hunger are well-known. Yet humanitarian funding and political commitment have not kept pace with the increasingly urgent needs of communities.
26 Feb 2018 description
More than seven million people in South Sudan - almost two-thirds of the population - could become severely food insecure in the coming months without sustained aid and access.
23 Feb 2018 description
UN Human Rights Commission collects evidence to hold more than 40 South Sudanese officials accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
20 Feb 2018 description
report CARE
One year on from the declaration of famine, the food situation in South Sudan has deteriorated further leaving more than 7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.
19 Feb 2018 description
In the capital Juba, up to 3,000 children live on the street, and that number is increasing daily, said the Mind and Soul Institute, a local charity that works with street children.
18 Feb 2018 description
report Save the Children
In total 4.7 million children - 90,000 children a week - are at risk of dropping out of school in this year across South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, displaced from homes and schools.
13 Feb 2018 description
In addition to 89 kits for severe acute malnutrition, WHO has sustained the provision of essential medical supplies to 13 facilities and has scaled up its support to 17 new health facilities.
08 Feb 2018 description
The lives of millions of people were saved by rapid humanitarian response in 2017, though millions more remain on the very edge of starvation with ongoing conflicts and climate-related shocks.
08 Feb 2018 description
During 2017, FAO supported governments and communities in responding to food chain crises, which can threaten lives and livelihoods and lead to major emergencies.
06 Feb 2018 description
report Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch calls on the UN, AU, IGAD and their member states to immediately impose and enforce an arms embargo and targeted sanctions against individuals responsible.
02 Feb 2018 description
The community wants the UN to set up a base to provide a protective presence for refugees returning from Sudan and for IDPs. It is hoped that, with their return, life will begin to return to normal.
01 Feb 2018 description
UNHCR and OCHA on Thursday launched a funding appeal for US$1.5 billion to support refugees fleeing South Sudan and for US$1.7 billion for people in need in the country during 2018.
31 Jan 2018 description
Filippo Grandi, who is visiting the East African country hosting some 1.4 million refugees, upheld Uganda’s treatment of those fleeing wars and persecution as a model for the rest of the world.
29 Jan 2018 description
As the crisis enters its fifth year, it remains the largest refugee situation in Africa. As of 31 October 2017, there are close to 2.5 million refugees hosted in six asylum countries.
29 Jan 2018 description
Humanitarian efforts to provide affected communities with food relief and livelihood support remain extremely critical, FAO and WFP have told the UN Security Council.