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03 Dec 2018 description
After an 18-month long intensive vaccination campaign, the outbreak has been successfully stopped with no international spread, according to experts.
03 Nov 2018 description
The inter-agency aid operation will bring food, sanitation and hygiene supplies, nutrition and health assistance to Rukban. Some 10,000 children will be vaccinated against Measles, Polio and other deadly diseases.
14 Aug 2018 description
Un primer informe resalta afectaciones en 12 barrios y ocho veredas de Mocoa: cuatro personas lesionadas, 169 familias afectadas (597 personas, de las cuales 171 son menores de edad y 25 son adultos mayores).
02 Aug 2018 description
Unas 1.000 familias en el municipio de Caucasia resultaron damnificadas por inundaciones posterior al desbordamiento de caños y afluentes del río Cauca, debido a las intensas lluvias que iniciaron el 28 de julio.
27 Jun 2018 description
Las fuertes lluvias en los últimos cinco días causaron el desbordamiento del río Arauca, desencadenando inundaciones tanto en el casco urbano como en la zona rural de los municipios de Arauca, Arauquita y en menor nivel, en Tame.
25 May 2018 description
On 14 May, Antioquia’s state governor declared the situation a “public calamity”, predicting that the bursting of Ituango hydroelectric dam could affect up to 133,000 people.
19 May 2018 description
Only 6,485 of 120,000 people have been evacuated so far. The Red Cross is supporting the National Disaster Risk Management Unit in preparedness and contingency planning.
18 May 2018 description
Sobre la zona de influencia del río Cauca que se ve inmersa dentro del Proyecto Hidroituango, han sido evacuadas más de 6.500 personas (incluye los 1.500 operarios que evacuaron la presa).
15 Apr 2018 description
Se han registrado 103 eventos como deslizamientos, inundaciones, vendavales, crecientes súbitas, tormentas eléctricas, remoción en masa y granizadas que han ocasionado daños a vías y viviendas.
06 Apr 2018 description
Como consecuencia de las lluvias registradas entre el 31 de marzo y el 2 de abril, aproximadamente 830 familias resultaron afectadas por el desbordamiento del río Magüí en el municipio del mismo nombre.
12 Mar 2018 description
Children under five in 13 governorates to be reached in a joint effort by WHO, UNICEF and the Ministry of Health to ensure that Syria remain polio-free.
19 Feb 2018 description
More than 1,550 houses have been damaged or destroyed across Tonga's islands. A one-month State of Emergency has been declared for the whole country until 12 March.
12 Feb 2018 description
Tropical Cyclone Gita passed Samoa on 10 February with damage and localized flooding reported. More than 80,000 people in Tonga are currently expected to be impacted by the cyclone.
02 Feb 2018 description
With the continued volcanic activity, the local government is now planning for three-month evacuation. Nearly 90 per cent of evacuees are seeking shelter in 88 evacuation centres, mostly schools.
26 Jan 2018 description
The Philippines is bracing for a possible three-month-long emergency in areas around an erupting volcano, which has already displaced more than 81,000 and led to overcrowded temporary shelters.
25 Jan 2018 description
report Rotary
More than half of the funds will support efforts to end polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where polio remains endemic. Further funding will support efforts to keep 10 vulnerable countries polio-free
22 Jan 2018 description
The volcano spewed a 10km-high ash column on 22 January, with authorities warning of an imminent hazardous eruption, possibly within days. There was moderate to heavy ash fall.
11 Jan 2018 description
report United Nations
Approval of an exceptional delivery of humanitarian aid was granted to provide food and winterization relief items to 50,000 people who face increasingly dire circumstances.
14 Oct 2017 description
The WHO has received reports of an attack on medical facilities in eastern Syria that had destroyed a vaccines cold room containing 135,000 vaccine doses against measles and polio.
14 Sep 2017 description
The humanitarian situation inside the city remains dire, with a majority of the remaining population reportedly facing deteriorating humanitarian, health, living and security conditions.