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13 Dec 2018 description
While the intensity of the conflict has reduced, people will continue to experience the impacts of the conflict through 2019. Hunger, malnutrition and safety of civilians continue to escalate.
13 Dec 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
More than four million people have been uprooted by the fighting. Since the conflict began, UNICEF and partners have reunited close to 6,000 children with their parents or caregivers.
08 Dec 2018 description
Aid organizations face an array of humanitarian access constraints while working to address the acute needs of 7 million people, roughly half of the country.
05 Dec 2018 description
Persistent insecurity and conflict have disrupted livelihoods, affected market function and limited access to markets. An earlier start to the lean season will further hamper food security.
04 Dec 2018 description
The UN and its partners aim to assist 93.6 million of the most vulnerable with food, shelter, health care, emergency education, protection and other basic assistance, according to the GHO.
03 Dec 2018 description
After an 18-month long intensive vaccination campaign, the outbreak has been successfully stopped with no international spread, according to experts.
23 Nov 2018 description
New funding will get emergency aid to those displaced by conflict, deliver nutrition for malnourished children, and also support air services so that aid can reach people in difficult to access areas.
03 Nov 2018 description
The inter-agency aid operation will bring food, sanitation and hygiene supplies, nutrition and health assistance to Rukban. Some 10,000 children will be vaccinated against Measles, Polio and other deadly diseases.
18 Oct 2018 description
report Save the Children
More than six million people currently need urgent food assistance, including more than one million children. Near-famine conditions are predicted in four states, a rapid increase from 2017.
16 Oct 2018 description
New WFP research shows food is ever less affordable in countries in conflict or subject to political instability. Affordability is disproportionate in relation to income across Africa and in parts of Asia.
09 Oct 2018 description
Based on contributions to date, UNHCR expects funding for 2018 to meet just 55 per cent of the $8.2 billion that is needed. This compares to 56.6 per cent in 2017 and 58 per cent in 2016.
09 Oct 2018 description
WFP has for the first time since civil war broke out in South Sudan at the end of 2013 managed to send boats carrying food assistance up the Sobat river, a major tributary of the White Nile.
28 Sep 2018 description
Conflict and insecurity throughout the lean season pushed nearly 60 percent of the population into extreme hunger in South Sudan. The situation could improve if sustainable peace takes hold.
27 Sep 2018 description
Expected to cost $26 million, the plan includes guidance to help the country mobilize resources to significantly reduce yield losses from infestation by the pest.
20 Sep 2018 description
Civil conflicts and displacement remain the key drivers of food insecurity in East Africa and the Near East, whereas dry-weather conditions reduced cereal outputs in Southern Africa, says FAO.
19 Sep 2018 description
The staggering brutality of a recent military offensive in South Sudan was fuelled by the authorities' failure to prosecute or remove suspected war criminals.
12 Sep 2018 description
Worldwide, there were about 5.2 million new internal displacements associated with conflict and violence in the first half of 2018. More than 1.7 million of these occurred in Ethiopia and Somalia.
10 Sep 2018 description
"Aid organizations can provide relief but cannot end the violence and displacement the South Sudanese people have endured for five years -- only a political solution can," said ICRC.
10 Sep 2018 description
report Save the Children
Save the Children estimates 4,500,000 children under-five will need treatment for life-threatening malnutrition this year in the most dangerous conflict zones, an increase of nearly 20% since 2016.
06 Sep 2018 description
A 14-truck convoy, led by the World Food Programme, brought 40 aid workers from 11 organizations into Baggari on Wednesday. Deliveries of food are expected over the weekend.