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07 Jul 2016 description
The cash will come in the form of a top-up of the Government of Sri Lanka’s Samurdhi social safety net scheme, which aims to help poor families meet their food and nutrition needs.
09 Jun 2016 description
More than 200,000 people were left homeless and 75,000 houses were destroyed. Strong winds wreaked havoc in the village of Chachra, leaving widespread devastation in their wake.
06 Jun 2016 description
A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck in Indonesia, 30 people were injured and 912 houses damaged. In Myanmar over 5,280 people displaced following conflict in northern Shan State.
05 Jun 2016 description
Humanitarian Coordination Task Team presented a joint response plan to meet immediate needs of vulnerable population in the severely cyclone-affected areas.
30 May 2016 description
Most of the 25 provinces of Cambodia are currently experiencing water shortages due to what is being called the worst drought in about 50 years.
27 May 2016 description
Although the loss of 30 lives should be considered too many, successful disaster risk reduction measures have avoided the extent of loss and damage experienced with previous cyclones.
27 May 2016 description
In flood-affected areas many fresh drinking water sources have been contaminated and the remaining floodwaters pose a significant public health threat.
23 May 2016 description
The Sri Lankan Government is leading the response supported by civil society, private organizations, NGOs and UN agencies who are providing relief items from existing in-country stocks.
22 May 2016 description
Tropical Storm Roanu passed over, with more rains predicted for the coming days. This could cause additional flooding and landslides in many of the same areas that are still waterlogged.
20 May 2016 description
Over the next 48 hours, the cyclone is forecast to strengthen as it continues moving north-east and may reach Chittagong division on 21 May.
19 May 2016 description
According to the government, 43 people have been killed and close to 307,000 people displaced by the flooding. They are now being housed at 594 temporary camps.
18 May 2016 description
The death toll has risen to 15, with nine persons missing, from flash floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains since last Saturday. More than 73,000 families have been displaced.