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25 Feb 2015 description
Asia and the Pacific witnessed 119 disaster events in 2014, but effective cyclone early warning systems, together with enhanced preparedness, saved countless lives, says ESCAP.
26 Jan 2015 description
According to the Malaysian government, the floods have affected 400,000 people. A few thousand people remain displaced and many more continue to be accommodated by host families.
05 Jan 2015 description
Jangmi affected about 486,900 people across seven regions in the Philippines. The death toll stands at 54 with 40 injured and 7 missing. In Malaysia, almost 45,100 people are displaced.
30 Dec 2014 description
Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand continue to experience flooding, while Tropical Storm Jangmi is affecting the central Philippines.
22 Dec 2014 description
Clean up operations continue on the oil spill in the Sundarbans. As of 22 Dec, four provinces continue to be affected by flooding in Thailand.The Government is providing assistance.