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07 Aug 2015 description
report IRIN
Nearly 20,000 people have been affected this week by heavy rains and flooding in and around Ouagadougou. More than 3,700 are now homeless, their houses reduced to piles of mud and debris.
28 Mar 2014 description
Africa Solidarity Trust Fund supports efforts to eradicate hunger, reduce malnutrition and poverty. First $2 million each goes to CAR, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mali, Niger and South Sudan.
07 Feb 2014 description
report IRIN
Army worms and red locusts are contributing to the woes of subsistence farmers already struggling to recover from setbacks in the last farming cycle as they destroy hectares of crops.
31 Jan 2014 description
CERF and its partners were challenged by a series of large, complex crises in the Central African Republic, the Philippines, Syria and Yemen, affecting 35 million people.
12 Dec 2013 description
report IRIN
Parts of Malawi, including large parts of the northern region, have not received rain since February 2013 and are now experiencing severe water and food shortage.
22 Jul 2013 description
More than 50% of the country remains mired in poverty, with one quarter of ‘ultra poor’ Malawians earning less than the estimated costs of a diet providing minimum recommended calorie intake.
26 Apr 2013 description
report Inter Press Service
More than two million people are facing food shortages this year due to the prolonged dry spells and soaring food prices that have pushed consumer inflation to 36.6 percent as of March.
14 Mar 2013 description
Unless there is sufficient intervention by the end of the lean months, more than 36,000 children are likely to have suffered severe acute malnutrition.
13 Mar 2013 description
The new metric will be field-tested in four countries, and relies on gathering information on the extent and severity of hunger from food-insecure people, through a carefully-designed annual survey to be conducted in collaboration with polling specialists Gallup, Inc.
24 Jan 2013 description
report Inter Press Service
Joyce Banda seemed to be making all the right moves but her initial popularity is eroding fast as she implements policies to fix the economy
17 Jan 2013 description
report IRIN
Thousands of people have been displaced and are living in makeshift shelters.
15 Jan 2013 description
CERF has approved the disbursement of US$3.2 million to fight widespread food insecurity in Malawi.
18 Dec 2012 description
With food prices high in Malawi's markets, many families are struggling to find enough to eat. A new programme by WFP is sending cash to the most vulnerable people through their mobile phones. This assistance enables them to buy more food and so keep hunger and malnutrition at bay
30 Nov 2012 description
Among the worst affected countries are Malawi, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. Communities already struggling to feed their families are now bracing for the onset of the so-called hunger season that traditionally lasts from December until harvest time in March.
23 Nov 2012 description
About 1.8 million people are receiving monthly food rations from WFP, while just over 100,000 will get cash to buy food, delivered via mobile phones and local banks as part of a new programme set up by WFP.
15 Nov 2012 description
Humanitarian assistance is currently reaching approximately 700,000 people in nine districts in southern Malawi - less than half of those previously projected to be at risk of food insecurity
19 Oct 2012 description
(Harare / New York, 19 October 2012): United Nations Deputy Humanitarian Chief Catherine Bragg wrapped up her five-day visit to southern Africa today, calling on countries and partners in the region to strengthen their efforts to work together to promote disaster preparedness and tackle food...
20 Sep 2012 description
report The Guardian
Government subsidies will focus on encouraging farmers to grow protein-rich crops to stabilise food supply A nutrition act and new crops are at the centre of the Malawi government's latest attempts to overcome the effects of annual food shortages that affect more than 10% of the...
30 Aug 2012 description
report IRIN
BLANTYRE, 30 August 2012 (IRIN) - Prolonged dry spells followed by poor harvests in Malawi's maize-growing central and southern regions have created widespread food shortages, yet it has taken months to fully determine the extent of the crisis, and it may take several more to fund and implement...
21 Aug 2012 description
report The Guardian
Joyce Banda's country has surplus grain in some regions, but distributing it to those in the south hit by drought is a challenge Read the Full Report by John Vidal