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07 Aug 2015 description
report IRIN
Nearly 20,000 people have been affected this week by heavy rains and flooding in and around Ouagadougou. More than 3,700 are now homeless, their houses reduced to piles of mud and debris.
28 Apr 2015 description
The early production forecast for maize - a staple food throughout the subregion - is about 21.1 million tonnes in 2015, 15 percent lower than the average for the last five years, FAO says.
11 Dec 2014 description
FAO estimates that globally 39 countries, including 29 countries in Africa, need external assistance for food due to conflict, crop failures and localized high food prices.
11 Jul 2014 description
The region is characterized by high levels of vulnerability but recent momentum around the resilience-building agenda in Lesotho and Malawi shows great promise.
28 Mar 2014 description
Africa Solidarity Trust Fund supports efforts to eradicate hunger, reduce malnutrition and poverty. First $2 million each goes to CAR, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mali, Niger and South Sudan.
10 Feb 2014 description
According to FAO, approximately $1.8 million are need for the response to the armyworms and red locusts. The overall response to food insecurity required $110.8 million of which $85 million were received.
07 Feb 2014 description
report IRIN
Army worms and red locusts are contributing to the woes of subsistence farmers already struggling to recover from setbacks in the last farming cycle as they destroy hectares of crops.
31 Jan 2014 description
CERF and its partners were challenged by a series of large, complex crises in the Central African Republic, the Philippines, Syria and Yemen, affecting 35 million people.
15 Jan 2014 description
Vulnerable families in Balochistan, KP and FATA face a bitter winter and urgently need winterized non-food items and support to rebuild damaged or destroyed houses.
17 Dec 2013 description
Critical humanitarian needs remain with more than 1.5 million people affected by floods; 185,000 hit by earthquakes; and nearly 1 million remain displaced due to insecurity.
12 Dec 2013 description
report IRIN
Parts of Malawi, including large parts of the northern region, have not received rain since February 2013 and are now experiencing severe water and food shortage.
20 Nov 2013 description
Recent returnees to FATA and those affected by the earthquakes in Balochistan are among an estimated 1.2 million vulnerable people in need of urgent winter support.
22 Oct 2013 description
People are affected by ongoing insecurity, floods, earthquakes and a dengue outbreak. In addition, 1.61 million Afghan refugees remain in Pakistan.
18 Oct 2013 description
The overall response plan for Malawi requires a total of $110.8 million, of which only $36.1 million are funded so far. No funding has been received for protection activities.
16 Oct 2013 description
Findings of a coordinated assessment by 11 NGOs indicate the earthquakes have affected over 27,000 households and damaged or destroyed nearly 20,000 houses.
15 Oct 2013 description
11 NGOs conducted an assessment through 296 key informant interviews in 296 villages from 30 September to 4 October to determine humanitarian needs in the affected areas.
27 Sep 2013 description
report IRIN
The logistics of assessment and rescue are daunting, with the Awaran district spread over 21,000 sq km of inhospitable territory. It is served by an inadequate road network.
26 Sep 2013 description
Humanitarian partners are supporting government authorities to provide assistance to those affected. Immediate needs are food, non-food items, shelter and health care.
07 Aug 2013 description
Compared with last year, the biggest increase in the number of food insecure populations has been recorded in Namibia, followed by Zambia and Swaziland.
22 Jul 2013 description
More than 50% of the country remains mired in poverty, with one quarter of ‘ultra poor’ Malawians earning less than the estimated costs of a diet providing minimum recommended calorie intake.