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14 Mar 2018 description
In addition to an analysis of disaster impact on the subsectors of fisheries, aquaculture and forestry, the report reveals a methodology for evaluating damage and loss.
22 Dec 2017 description
report World Bank, GFDRR
El presente análisis tiene por objetivo evaluar el impacto de las inundaciones en el estado de Tabasco entre los años 2007 y 2010 y de las inversiones en RRD en el bienestar socioeconómico de la población de Tabasco.
06 Apr 2017 description
A new publication focuses on five priority Asian countries that are highly vulnerable to large-scale natural disasters: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, and the Philippines.
08 Feb 2017 description
After Typhoon Haiyan, the Philippines shook up its methods for keeping the public risk-informed, and ensuring early dissemination of warnings and efficient evacuations to promote a “zero casualty” approach.
02 Nov 2016 description
In conflict situations, simple communication technologies can help researchers and humanitarian organisations collect more accurate data on the effects of humanitarian aid.
11 Oct 2016 description
Strengthening disaster-risk governance and coordination, combined with participation of affected populations, have proved successful in reducing disaster mortality.
30 Sep 2016 description
report IRIN
Vice President Leni Robredo, newly installed as head of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council admits only around 1% of the target of 205,000 homes has been achieved.
17 May 2016 description
report GFDRR
By 2014, all 80 provinces and over 91% of cities/municipalities established DRM offices. To accelerate reforms, capacity building activities for local government agencies benefited from GFDRR funding and technical expertise.
17 May 2016 description
A HelpAge analysis of more than 16,000 proposed projects between 2010 and 2014 found that only 154 had any activity specifically targeting older people, most of which weren’t funded.
15 May 2016 description
report Christian Aid
A new report shows that more than a billion people are set to be exposed to coastal flooding by 2060 through a combination of rising sea levels, storm surges and extreme weather.
25 Apr 2016 description
The Government of the Philippines and FAO have started using unmanned aerial drones to assess where farmlands are most at risk from natural disasters.
10 Mar 2016 description
According to a new report by ESCAP, the region accounted for over half the world’s 344 disasters in 2015, resulting in over 16,000 deaths with 59 million people affected.
25 Nov 2015 description
Spread over nine provinces in central Philippines, the IFRC shelter programme includes the construction of new typhoon-resistant homes as well as cash assistance, training and materials to rebuild.
12 Nov 2015 description
Barely two years after Typhoon 'Yolanda' ravaged Eastern Visayas, survivors from Tanauan are showing signs of full recovery. One is the building of safer communities in various relocation sites around town.
09 Nov 2015 description
report World Bank
The World Bank says such shocks - including crop failures, spikes in food prices, and increased incidence of diseases after heat waves and floods - could lead to irreversible losses.
03 Nov 2015 description
In the past two years, cash distributions have helped over 150,000 households to support their chosen income-generating activity after their livelihoods were severely affected by the typhoon.
24 Sep 2015 description
Local actors are often the most effective in conducting humanitarian operations. The 2015 World Disasters Report examines the challenges they face in scaling-up and sustaining their humanitarian response.
22 Sep 2015 description
report Mercy Corps
The world is facing a new normal of unprecedented challenges. More people are forcibly displaced now than at any time since 1945, with more than 59 million IDPs, refugees, asylum seekers and stateless people. Mercy Corps asks if the current system is fit for purpose.
27 Aug 2015 description
The weekly Global Overview aggregates information from a range of sources and provides the latest updates on and a ranking of current humanitarian crises.
18 Aug 2015 description
The weekly Global Overview aggregates information from a range of sources and provides the latest updates on and a ranking of current humanitarian crises.